I Started a Group For Scleroderma On Myspace

One night, while surfing the web, I wet to my Myspace Page and was trying to find a group which dealt with others who

 suffer from Scleroderma/Morphea, and really couldn't find much, so I started one Myself.  Not knowing much about what I had nor knowing others who had it, I needed someone to talk to who could understand what I was going through.

That was 1 year ago, and I now have 5 women in the group and we share our thoughts, fears, experiences, and I must say,, It has been a tremendous help for all of us.

I have learned things about this disease that I never knew because, at the time it started, for me, it was the early 60's, and even the Doctors didn't know much.  Most of what they knew was only told to my Mom, and she couldn't discuss it as she was so filled with guilt.  Life was so hard for me because of this horrible disease, and not being able to talk about it was worse than the disease itself.

But, the most amazing part of all this is that I have met the most wonderful group of women, smart, eduacated, family-oriented, and living with Scleroderma/Morphea.  They make me proud.

We are always there for each other and that's what makes it all worth while.  I feel I have used my "condition" to help others,, and that's the BEST therapy of ALL..,,

46-50, F
Feb 17, 2009