I was 3 years old. And uh my mom was working nights so' my dad had me sleep in bed with him. He gave me this drink. And all I remember is the next morning waking up and I had my top on but my panties were on the edge of the bed, and I was hurting down there, and dad was missing. A couple weeks later I remember that I had a rash down there and they didn't know what it was from. I never told anyone at that time. And when I was like 7 or 8 my dad started getting all feely touchy with me. He'd grab my chest and 'joke' saying "these are mine, no other guy can have these" and then he'd also say the same putting his hand down there. He didn't molest me after that one time, then it just switched to him beating me and being emotionally and verbally abusive. I haven't talked to that bastard in 11 years. Go figure right?
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Good for you-- you are handling this the right way...

Strong Hearted Girl..........

Wow.. bullied and molested... sorry to hear that.. I too was molested. I'm here if you want to chat..

Wow. **** him.