Oh Boy, My Big Sister Finally Showed Me Her *****!

When I was 7 and Sis was 12 we had the house to ourselves every day until 10:00 or 10:30 PM. Mom and Dad had a successful restaurant so they were not home in the afternoons or early evenings.Just after I turned 7 Mom let the lady go who had been tending to us until then. Mom said that we were old enough now that we could take care of ourselves...It only took 4 days for us to find our parents stash of video **** and sex toys..They had a bureau full of tapes that they had taken of themselves and some other tapes that had some friends of theirs in them. One whole drawer was full of different vibrators and stuff...Sis and I put one in the VCR that was  marked "Marys 30th Birtday". It started by showing Mom in a big full wool skirt and sweater and wearing bobby sox. She twirled to the background music and her skirt rose up showing that she did not have any pantys on. She soon stopped her dance and lifted her sweater over her head and off...She was bare breasted and I had a hard on watching my mom play with her great *******. Her black bush was the first that I had ever seen and dad  did a good job of mixing full body shots and close ups...Then we heard Dad say"Lay back on the edge of the bed and I will give you a birthday present"...As mom sat on the edge of the bed dad zoomed in on her ***** as she laid back and spread her legs...That is when Sis said we were going to take off our clothes so we could play wih each other....As fast as she could sis got rid of her clothes and stood in front of me rubbing her **** and showing me her ***** up real close to my face. I watched as her vaginal juices started to show and her large clitoris became engorged and erect....She asked me how she looked and if I wanted to touch her tittys...As soon as I felt her 12 year old breast I knew I had to have more...Sis told me to sit down and she would "Jerk me off!"...She let me suck on her breasts as she manipulated my little ****** to its' very first climax..I was still 3 years from my first *********** but the climax that she gave me was fantastic!...I was then allowed to finger my sister in the manner that she instructed with 2 fingers of my right hand as I diddled around and on her clitoris with my left hand....Watching her climax was a fantastic thing and as soon as she made me stop I started playing with my very stiff ******. She quickly took charge of my penus and soon I was squealing with exctasy...We both began to watch the video again as Dad was eating Moms ***** and she was screaming for him to **** her...Mom and Dad were both very well endowed. Mom was a 36 C with a really huge **** that Dad sucked on for her...He was a little longer than average according to the tape measure in one video that showed him to be 6 3/4" along the top of his shaft. And really, really thick...Sis and I played with each other until almost 9:30 PM....6 hours of watching videos and ************ each other or ************ ourselves while we just watched....It only took 3 days of doing this until Sis said that she would like to feel what it would be like for me to lick her ***** the way Dad did to Mom....If you want I could probably tell about that first time soon........Robby23
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this is so ****** its not funny

i love ur sis already is she single

Wish my cousin would let me do tht!

loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

tell me more please

would love to hear more about you and your sister!!


Write it.

Please do tell, it is so horny.