Molested At 15

Something I saw on CSI Made me think about what happen to me....The last I wanted was a men touching me inappropriatly....but It happen and my sister still with a 15 year old I didn't really know what to do or who to tell. The first thing I said to myself was the nobody won't believe me. Then I didn't really want to hurt my sister so I decided not to tell anyone because I thought he wouldn't do it again but I was wrong. Summer 2011 that's when it first started. In the summer time I was living with my sister. Then like everyday he would go to a tattoo shop and I'll pretend like I was going with him but I was really going over a boy house. At first I didn't really see any signs that we was attracted to me. Like me and him would talk about anything together I looked at him like a big brother because he kind of taught me somethings I didn't really know. Then one day he just kept telling me I was pretty, then he start showing me **** on his phone and asking do I like older men. The same day or the next day he grabbed my breast I wanted to cry so bad because I couldn't believe that he actually did that.....Then later that summer when we was on our way back to my sister house when he put his finger plus a little sliver vibrator inside my vagina, at that moment I just wanted to crawl under a rock and die....Then like March or April 2012 one day I was over my sister house I was in my niece room sleep with my nieces Jayla Janay and Tresure and he came in there and put his hands in my pants he start rubbing on my vagina, stomach, and breast as I layed there tears rolled down my eyes and guilt feeled my heart....It all was too much for me it was too much happening, too much going on, too much to think about, and way too much to handle for me. I wanted/needed to tell some one so I told my bestfriend J'hnea and we both start crying together then I made her promise not to tell anyone & she agreed until things start getting worst. In the summer 2012 Jason asked me; Have I ever had a ******? Can he have sex with me? Can he eat me out and when I'm going to go in the basement with him he asked me that several times In the summer I love spending time with my nieces so that why I was always at my sister house and plus it was boring at my house so I was always over there.
July 21,2012 my bestfriend told me she was raped. So Jason let me drive to see her to make sure she was okay and to be there for her. Later on that night I spent a night with this boy who was a few years older than me and we got drunk and had sex the next day I made him take me back to my sister house about 8:00 in the morning because I didn't feel good once I got there I layed down then 10 minutes later I throw up so Jason came to check up on me in my head I knew I was pregnant because I was on birth control and because he used a condom. Later that day I went to the mall with my niece Jayla and her friends. Later that night I was talking to my bestfriend on the phone crying about how she got raped and how I'm being molested so she told me I need to tell my mom before it get worst so at 2 in the morning she called my mom and told her the next thing I know is my mom is in my face ready to take me home. Once we get home I tell her everything that happen the next day she told my sister Eboni. Eboni was so hurt and heartbroken once I told her she told me she believed me but in august everything changed she wasn't talking to me my other sisters or my mother. My mom made a police report and I talk to a sex crime officer & I told her every thing & she told me she believe me. when it was Jason turn to make his statement he said that I left with some boy and that I was pregnant....basically like I was a bad person.....Ever since July 22 I would cry because my sister choose her husband over me after everything I told her and everything she still with him. Today is November 27,2012 my sister Eboni is still with him and I know she told my nieces some thing bad about me.....on top of that she never ONCE asked me how I felt....this the worst feeling in the know that you sister choose her husband over you then on top of that lied on me. I don't deserve any of this overall I'm a good girl I may have alot of flaws & all but I'm a smart respectful young lady & it's bold how she treating me it's like she don't care I can't even spend time with my nieces because of him He need to be in Jail I don't really care about hurting Eboni feelings anymore because she clearly don't care about my feelings She never once asked me how I feel or anything like that instead she go around & tell Her kids, friend, and his family that I did something bad or something like that which is so hurtful because I love my nieces... Every Night I cry I never will get over this...

P.S. - Always believe your child
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You were right to tell someone and walk away from the situation. I am so sorry you were hurt like that, you definitely did not deserve it. You are a strong, beautiful young woman and you will get through this. Just remember that you deserve the very best out of life, and don't settle for anyone who won't listen to you. Thank you for sharing your story. I'm rooting for you, sweetie!

Thank you so much that means alot to me