When I was 5 years old my mom would work the third shift at the company she worked at. She would take me over to a friend’s house that she grew up with. He was a nice guy.
I can remember him telling me when it was time for my bath. He would have me to go into the spare bedroom where he would put me onto the bed and have me to lay back and he would tell me to relax. Then he would ***** me down so I was naked. As I was laying on the bed with out any cloths on he would take me by my ankles and put my legs up toward my chest so he could see everything in between my legs. After that he would have me to get up and he walked me through his house naked. He would take me into the bathroom and run my bath water for me. As he started bathing me he would wash me down around my private’s area. I can remember him rubbing his finger inside my vagina as if he was washing me out. But I can remember that it tickled a little bit. When he got me out of the bath tub he would dry me off and then I would walk naked back to the spare bedroom and he would put me back on the bed and he would spread my legs wide open and take a towel and he would dry my privates off. He would then put a clean pair of panties on me with a t-shirt to wear to bed. I would then sit on his lap and watch TV until it was time for me to go to bed. After he would put me to bed and I had fallen a sleep. He would come into the bed room. I woke one night, I was lying on my stomach with my shirt pulled up and my panties pulled down, and I could fell something going inside my rear end. I would just lay there. After he got done with that I realized it was his finger with an examination glove on as if he was a Doctor. I seen it was some K-Y Jelly. It was just the lubrcant for what was yet to come. I layed there with my head on the pillow and I watch as he took a digital thermometer and would stick it in my bottom. After that he would wipe my bottom off with a baby wipe. He would then have me to roll over onto my back and would remove my shirt and my panties so I was lying there naked. He then would spread my legs wide open so my privates were sticking out. He would do the something to my vagina as he did with my bottom. After that he would do different things to my vagina. Such as sticking his fingers, and tong inside of me. Over a period of time I had been diapered as if I was a baby, He would pretend to spank my bare bottom, and play different games with me. It lasted until I was 8 years old.
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Jan 18, 2013