Men In Saree

payalsharma76 payalsharma76
1 Response May 13, 2012

I have been secretly dressing as a girl for quite some time with the help of a few close friends of mine recently. I really enjoy spending time with them and being allowed to dress up with them. Please don't yell at me for doing this. One of my friends is a girl and the other 2 are boys who are into being in dresses. What I am asking from you is to let me continue this with them and be able to dress up with you too. When I wear my dresses with these other boys and the girl, I really do feel comfortable and being myself. They do accept me for who I really am. I would like for you to accept me for who I am please. I am not the typical boy you want me to be. I don't like being macho or tough. I want to be seen as a feminine boy who enjoys letting his girl side show openly. I will be more than willing to do my chores around the house in a dress if I could please. These friends of mine have changed me so much that I don't think I can go back to being just a boy ready for manhood. I really don't mom. I just don't want to act like a boy and be a boy. Please let me wear dresses and skirts. I so want to wear them all the time too. What I am asking from you is understanding and compassion to let me continue this. I don't want to give up my passion for being dressed up like a girl. It would devastate me if I couldn't be myself. These friends of mine are really special to me. They know how I am feeling and I can talk with them about it because they are going through the very same things. Mom, I would like a full closet of girls things and not have to wear boy things anymore. It is just so unfair that girls can wear anythng they want and I can't. I want to have choices in my closet and drawers. I also would like my own silky lingerie too please.