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Being Thankful

Thank you mom, for making me a girl throughout my life. I get compliments and I can live outside of fear. Mothers can be awesome at times, because they get you dresses. I live happier knowing I can put on a dress and not get laughed at. ALthough it may happen, I can get past that and know I am a girl now, not a sissy.

If you are hiding the fact that you love to be in a dress, tell your mom she'll accept you for who you are. Put on your favourite dress and walk up to your mom and say, "Mom I need to dress as a girl, please." She'll hopefully smile, give you a hug and take you shopping for more clothes.

Be honest, and you'll have a better life.
dreamydresses dreamydresses 26-30, T 7 Responses Oct 20, 2012

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Your mom must appreciate you being so thankful.

Fabulous sweetie

Trust is such an important consideration. Having a mom you could trust is worth its weight in gold. "Living outside of fear" is such a nice way to characterize where you are now in life. And, yes, you are a girl. And that's a compliment.

I so wish I had the guts to do that when I was young. I admire you for being able to do that with your mom.

I 2nd your thought allgirl. If I had opened my mouth when I was young, and had a positive result, my life would have been infinitely more fun and rewarding. I wish I had acted vs hiding.

I totally agree with both points ...most moms can be awsome by accepting us for who we are, and 2, I so prefer not to think of myself as a sissy. It makes me feel less of one person and not enough of another. Like you, I really prefer to see myself as a girl.

Wow what a cool storie, my stepmom first caught me ************ in her pantyhose.

That must have been an interesting moment. what did she say?

Hi dreamydresses. I agree with with what you said "you'll have a better life". Honest!!! Not sissy, it is too much flashy. Just sensibly dressed gurl. I love your photo! Love and hugs xxxx