Being Thankful

Thank you mom, for making me a girl throughout my life. I get compliments and I can live outside of fear. Mothers can be awesome at times, because they get you dresses. I live happier knowing I can put on a dress and not get laughed at. ALthough it may happen, I can get past that and know I am a girl now, not a sissy.

If you are hiding the fact that you love to be in a dress, tell your mom she'll accept you for who you are. Put on your favourite dress and walk up to your mom and say, "Mom I need to dress as a girl, please." She'll hopefully smile, give you a hug and take you shopping for more clothes.

Be honest, and you'll have a better life.
dreamydresses dreamydresses
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7 Responses Oct 20, 2012

I did pretty much said with my mom back when I was 7 and it worked! If you read what I posted a while back about my first crossdressing experience you will find out all about it.

Unfortunately here in the southeastern US such a revelation could get you thrown out of your family. For those of you who have supporting parents, you are very lucky!!!!

Your mom must appreciate you being so thankful.

Fabulous sweetie

Trust is such an important consideration. Having a mom you could trust is worth its weight in gold. "Living outside of fear" is such a nice way to characterize where you are now in life. And, yes, you are a girl. And that's a compliment.

Wow what a cool storie, my stepmom first caught me ************ in her pantyhose.

Hi dreamydresses. I agree with with what you said "you'll have a better life". Honest!!! Not sissy, it is too much flashy. Just sensibly dressed gurl. I love your photo! Love and hugs xxxx