Mom Let Me Fondle Her **** After She Held My ****

sooooo, u never think itll happen to you lol but im 28 year old, 8.5 inch ****, about a year ago i was super horney in the morning, prolly high from the night before. and i decided to set up my mom to bump into me in the kitchen...wide open, and i had on just a white t shirt, 4 sizes to small lol, barely coverd my ribbs, and i went to the Bathroom in the kitchen, waited for her to come in and be done, and startled her, coming out of the bathroom all loud, as i was just silent in there the whole time she was in the kitchen. so. im raging hard, and realized immediately, and giggles, says "uh, heyy there....whats that hehe" i raise my arms so the shirts even higher up on my chest, i was "shurgging" but exposing more of myself lol, and i said morning wood hehe, giggling back. and in a playful like tone she said 'come here let me see this" and we got slowly closer till she could touch, and gently slap, move around ****, which yea...she did, and told me i should come in her room and show me what i was talking about, and i said "let me throw my shirt in the laundry first, its filthy" she laughed and said "might as well" and im heart POUNDING now, i run back to my room say to myself "that was so hot, call it a day" and i knew she was waiting for more in her room i was just so nervous. but i made myself go , like it was normal, me rock hard and nude and i layed right next to where she was sitting, she stared at my big **** on and off for 10-15 mins, till she said "you wanna give me a backrub?" and i said "sure w.e mom" she had a real big t-shirt, and a black lacey bra i could see stick out the strech shirt, and i just jumped behind her naked. sat with my legs around her both my ***** pressing up against her *** and its pulsing, an di rub moms back, all confused
so im pounding hard and shes like "do the front of my shoulders and in by my arms (she never asked for, and its a weird direction, thats reall just her chest, and front. so im rubbing her shoulders, and she says that, i go under her arms and very quick, im full on squeezing her ****, and my hands went under her shirt quick after that and i rubbd her DDD **** in that lacely bra untill i almost came, and she stopped day ever
FunWFuk FunWFuk
31-35, M
Jun 22, 2013