My Mother Saw My Errected ****

When I was 15, I broke my leg at soccer, so I had an handicap, I cant put on my clothes on me.
One day, I was in the shower, I was thinking about my mom, how would it be, when she will accedently see my ****? So I have an idea, after the shower I get out of the bath and put a small towel on, satt on a chair. At this moment I was very errected, my **** was hard and big, but the towel was small, so I call her. She came in and I ask her to help me to dry my body. She says ok and get on her knees. When she started to dry my feet, she stared directly on my hard ****, which was about 30cm far from her face. She saw that I was hard, but she didnt stop to make me dry. I was totally full of adrenalin, so much, that my **** fall a little bit down, because it was to much for him. She looked at him and I saw a smile on her face, but it was a smile that she liked what she saw. When she come with her towel between my legs, I spread them, and she touched my ****,bite her lips and make him dry, softly. I was so hard at this moment, but she stroke my forskin a little back and take a big look at my ****, who was pulsing. I fought I will come on her face, but I didnt. I saw in her eyes that she like it what she saw, she was also errected, I saw it in her eyes. She helps me to put on my shorts and t-shirt and went than to her bedroom. When I come out from the bath, I hear some voice from her bedroom, the door was closed,but I take a look throu the keyhole, and there I saw my mom laying on her bed with legs far open, and in her ***** two fingers rubbing her. I was crazy from that view, and put out my **** and ********** in front of her door. Than she had an incredibble ******, I stroke my **** so hard that I also come, I think she hear me, because i was out of control at this moment. She stared to the door and rubbs her **** hard again and comes again in few seconds, it was unbelievabel.
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what a lovely moment you enjoyed dear