Did She Know What She Was Doing?

When I was 8 rs old I moved up to new school which had its own swimming pool. I diidn't think this was important until on the second day of the term we had a (surprise) swimming class. I was worried as I hadn't packed my trunks but was astonished when I found that we weren't allowed to wear any trunks and had to swim nude. Initiallly I felt very uncomfortable doing this as I had been wearing trunks to the beach and public pools since I was about 4 yrs old.
After a few weeks I soon became used to it and by the end of term I thought nothing of it.

The 'trouble' started when we took our usual beach holiday in France the following summer (when I was 9). The first day we rushed down the beach my Mum, Dad, little sister (8 yrs old) and me. M&D chose a suitable spot and set up the windbreak and towels then everyone began to change into their swimming costumes except me. I ******** nude and set off down the beach to the sea.
"What are you doing? Why haven't you put your costume on? Put it on now." said Mum.
I refused. "I don't want to wear one." said I.
"Put it on" said she.
"I haven't got one."
" Why not?"
"You sent me to a school that doesn't allow them."

At this point my Dad interrupted and said I could go without if i wanted and I ran gleefully to the sea. I had a lovely nude holiday on an ordinary public /textile beach and came home with no tanlines.

The following few years were the same except that my sister had objected to the clammy wet weight of her wet costume and she refused to wear it any more so the two us played and ran around the public beach gloriously nude.

I think it was on my eleventh birthday that my Dad said that as I was growing up I should wear trunks. I acted dumb and asked what did he mean 'growing up'. He awkwardly explained that I would soon have pubic hairs and would need to cover up. I agreed that I would cover up when I was hairy. Thus started my pubic shaving!!

That summer I found that being nude made me feel sexy and I began to get erections on the beach.

The following year Dad didn't go on holiday with us and in his absence and much to my surprise my Mum decided to folow the example of some French holiday makers and sunbathe topless. Seeing her topless and quite a few others may have been the start of my delight in nipples. Fortunately, although I was hard for long periods my 12 yr old **** still wasn't very long so I just pretended I was unaware if I was erect and ran around as usual.
There was an 'awkward' time near the end of our holiday when Mum was smoothing sun oil over me. I was standing in front of her and she was sat smoothing sun oil all over my front. I looked down and saw her big erect nipples and her nude lightly tanned breasts and my **** appearing to be between them. She then smoothed oil over my smooth **** and balls and almost immediately I got a really hard erection (on hindsight my uncut **** was probably about 5" long) then she told me to turn around so she could do my back. I was now on full view of other beachgoers and no longer hidden by the windbreak.
For my first time, my **** ooozed my pre-*** and it hung in a long silvery thread. Mum oiled my shoulders, back, bottom, legs, hips then, still behind me, she moved her hands to my front and smoothed a lot of extra oil on my erect hairless **** and on my balls sliding her hands over me several times sayng "We don't want this getting sunburned do we?"
I agreed and she continued half a dozen times more then said " There you are. Off you go." and slapped my bottom quite hard.
Wondering if I had just been wanked in public by my Mum or if I had misunderstood her actions, I left. Trying to act casual, but oiled hard and with pre-*** dripping past my foreskin, I walked to my usual wanking spot in the dunes and soon wanked myself to a fantastic ******.
Aah, memories
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Unusual story.
You must have had a stiffie younger than 13?!

Yes indeed :-)