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Benefits Of A Feminine Son

There are many wonderful benefits of having a feminine son. The first thing you would have to do is ask him if he would enjoy being feminine in the first place. No boy should be forced in to this kind of lifestyle. Many would enjoy it better rather than being put into the typical macho male role, which in itself creates more problems than it solves. When you raise a son in a more feminine way, his whole attitude changes greatly, meaning it much easier to control him. There are many mothers who are looking at sites like and others for advice and guidance with this way of raising boys. The relationship between mom and her son would be much closer and more peaceful in the home. No longer would he be rambunctious and uncooperative when it came to doing his homework and chores. When he is dressed in his skirts and dresses, he would act much more calmer and would do anything to help you. Another good reason to do this is to teach them how to respect and cherish you, the mom in the house. There are many boys today that do not show respect to their moms due to the influence of gangs and hanging out with the wrong friends. If you can start your son off on the right path, he will become a much better member of society. Feminization in my opinion is the only real way to accomplish this goal. I see nothing else today that will bring more love between you and your sons. You have to think about this from a different viewpoint. Not the typical one that we all grew up in. If I had a son today, I would rather raise him in this fashion instead of the macho tough guy way. I know what your thinking, why would I do something like this? Do you honestly have any better ideas as to bring love and compassion to your families. We need to teach our sons empathy and understanding, not toughness. They can do just as good in the world by being more feminine. Moms would not have to raise their voices or hands to get their point across. Boys would be able to share their feeling easier too. So I do encourage both moms and sons to enjoy this. Remenber the key words here, love, compassion, support, empathy, and communication.
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as a radical feminist Dr and former pediatricianany mother who is serious about feminizing their son must use some male hormone blockers and female hormones disguised has vitamins for at least 1 year to see the amazing results. Now this is not total medically approved tactics, these are the words Drwho has seen the beautiful results of using male hormone blockers and female hormones on the most mucho sports loving all American boys. If you need help I can explain what to get and how to get it. But it's only fair to your sissy boy to to the female hormones guide his mind body and soul

A boy whithout testosterone is one of the most beautiful creatures in the world. Lovin helpful little cuddle bugs, was no male inhibitions.
if your boys between 9 and 11 years old you owe it to yourself the put him on a male hormone blocking medication for at least 18 months and see the wonderful facts honestly you will thank me for ever please let me know if you need any help sincerely Dr Lucy

Very unfortunately my Mom did never force me or even wanted to assist me in becoming more feminized. Instead I had to force her to let me do at least some chores in her household, wearing such a typical feminine apron dress of those days. Only on the age of 42 I finally could make a start towards a 24/7 living as the woman I feel myself inside.
See also my story in :

A fascinating and well written article.Congratulations.

I agree completely with your premise that many boys would prefer to be rasied in a feminine atmosphere. As evidence, jost look at the many questions, comments and posts from and about boys who took clothes from their sister's or mother's room and the many boyus who wanted to or did dress as girls for Halloween. Just because a baby is born with male parts between his legs does not mean he wants to be a macho male, just as society no longer assumes every little girl wants to grow up to be a stay at home mother. In the United States and most other countries there are now affirmative action programs to encourage girls to go into whatever fields they want and not be held back by being told those programs are only for boys. In the USA there are laws, rules and regulations generally referred to as Title 9 which require all schools from nursey school through college to insure that girls have equal academic and athletic opportunities to boys. These programs are all very good, but we need to recognize that some boys would be much happier if they could pursue education and activities that were traditonally just for girls.

I was a teen in the 1950s when full circle skirts, sometimes called poodle skirts, held out by frothy petticoats were popular school attire. When I looked at girls I wa not thinking of the curves in their bodies; instead, I was looking at the beautiful skirts they were wearing and wishing I could wear skirts like they had. In those days, before home computers and the Internet, I thought I was the only boy in the world who thought this way. Today I realize there were many others with the same thoughts and desires I had, but none of us had any way of knowing there were others like us, perhpas sitting the same classes as us.

I started wearing screw on earrings about the same time girls my age started wearing them, but back then I wore them only in the privacy of my bedroom. When pierced ears became fashionbale in the 1960s I felt i just HAD to have my ears pierced. Again, I thought I was the only boy who wanted to wear earrings. In comparison, look at today when when there are enough men and boys wearing earrings in their pierced ears that no one thinks it unusual to see a male wearing earrings. We are now at the point where young boys are asking to have their ears pierced and, in some cases, mothers are having their baby boys ears pierced before they are old enough to ask for them.

There should be a time, perhaps in the early years of school, when all boys are asked about their preferences in many things both masculine and feminine. Then those who show a preference for feminine things could be raised as feminine as they would like to be.

o Hallo Guywearingearrings,
Your comment about circle skirts and petticoats goes as a spear right through the middle of my hart. I was green and yellow of jalousy on the girls in my neighbourhoud, who could wear that stuff and also nice bracelets and earrings, while I had to go to school in those awful pof trousers. In the 1950 times we also had those real American showfilms with Esther Williams in her swimming pool and Doris Day and Vera Ellen and Elisabeth Taylor and the later queen of Monaco on the film screens. In those days I really did wear out many strapless eveningdresses in my dreams. But in real life I could only 3 days play the role of a princess in a play, but later I only succeeded to act as a charwoman wearing such a full apron dress and doing in those days that typically female housecleaning work. First in 1982 I could make preparations to start a full time living as the woman I feel I am.

One of my favorite memories from high school was one day at an assembly program. We were all seated in the school auditorium. The girl sitting next to me was wearing a full circle skirt and lots of white frothy petticoats. She tried to gather them all into her lap but she had too much for one seat. During the program part of her skirt and petticoats fell over into my lap. There I was in the middle of the auditotium, surrounded by all the other students, with a beautiful skirt in my lap and frothy white pettiocasts peeking out by my knees. I managed to resist the temptation to smooth out the skirt in my lap, but I was fascinated be how beautiful it looked. I cannot remember the girl, but I clearly remember the skirt was a basic brown with yellow leaves. The girl soon realized what had happened and gathered the skirt and petticoats back into her lap while mumuring an apology. The whole episode lasted at most two minutes but I clearly remember it and can still picture that skirt in my lap even though it happened about 55 years ago.

It is simple why this type of thing would catch on... lack of intelligence. I have been on a binge reading of this gendre for nearly four years and I have never in my life seen so much contradictory (undiciplined) thinking.

What is wrong with what adrea said?
we now know that forcing certian behaviours is damageing to people(esp. children)& children do Not become Carbon copies of thier parents!
Children do end up chosing thier personalities(somewhat) changing at differant points in thier life-But they can only choose from what they know!
I really can't see what is wrong buy knowing more about the oppist gender Knowing is understanding!

Personally I have a Master degree, so hopefully I have not a lack of intelligence. It is my feeling, that our Western culture has a lack of intelligence on this particular subject. In our eyes “underdeveloped” cultures , like the American Indians and populations in Asia, fully adopted already very long times ago, that not all male borne babies wanted to become a warrior and/or a typical macho male person. In those cultures that type of “intermediate” people were offered a fully valued place as e.g. a Berdache in the female part of their society. And the “Amazones” are a clear example of something exactly in the opposite female to male direction. Worldwide there are 3000 to 4000 officially registered religions, who all believe, that they are the absolute only single true religion. Also Worldwide their seem to be no less than 250,000 different cultures. Is only our Western culture in that field the only absolutely right concept ?

But in our “Western Culture” young kids are often not given at all full opportunities, to experience themselves fully free what type of masculine and/or feminine feelings they personally may have. Very often a male baby has strictly to grow up to a fully masculine and/or macho man and a female baby shall strictly grow up to become a pure feminine person or housewife. I feel that it is absolutely not correct and therefore typically our fault and definitely not the fault of those so called “underdeveloped cultures”, that we refuse to allow adequate room and development to the strict personal feelings of any male or female borne individual.

The breakdown of the family is the number one factor in the decline of our society. This gendre teaches that males are the enemy of society but in reality males have been absent the family and THAT is the crack in the foundation.

In response to Kristy499, this is a severe case of a sociopathic mother exhibiting dysfunctional parenting. The hormones that you are dosing your son with will deprive him of having children of his own, but in your mind only what you want, yourself, is what counts. When your time comes you shall have a great deal to answer for.

Yes, the use of forced feminization to peoples sons and/or husband and especcialy periodic addition of hormons in their mornig coffee is of course crazy and should be absolutelely forbidden. But it should also be forbidden to grow up a child without any adaptation to his or her strict personal masculine and/or feminine feelings. Kids should be allowed to experience fully free, what exactly all their masculine and feminine feelings exactly are and every parent should give all room to all that type of feelings and noway restrict a kid in those feelings.

Is there a father in your household?

Whats that got to do with anything? I had a father and mother and I still love feminine things as well as masculine things.

I like how you think, I wish I knew you when I was a little boy. Can we be friends?

GREAT story. Oh so true..... Got a personal story of such bout you?

Hi, I'm a single mum of two, an 11 yr old girl and a 9 yr old boy, and I have been feminising my son for a number of years. He looks very feminine, is on drugs imported from Canada (he doesn't know what they're for), can readily pass as a female. His breasts are beginning to bud and he does he doesn't have a choice in whether he is treated as a girl or not. He is only provided with girls clothes including his sisters hand me downs. I never wanted a boy only girls and his name is Kerry. School is a problem but he goes to a village school with only 22 pupils plus head teacher is my best friend. Although she doesn't completely agree with me she is respecting my wishes. No relations so not a problem there. I just think he looks so cute as a girl.

A simple question, why would you want to make your son into a girl. I' m curious! Raising your son as a male in a loving home would have a positive effect, why try and change his gender?

I dont know that I agree with this but in all honesty i dont see it being any different than ppl who force their kids to be one way when theyre another.

•••Hello. I just want you to know that while I was reading this, I couldn't help but feel... disturbed. Why are you doing this to your nine year old child? He doesn't even have a say in any of this! Why would you intentionally try and change him? It's not your life you're changing, it's his. Have you ever thought about how he feels? You should let HIM lay out his own path, instead of you doing it for him. I know you are his mother, but you have NO RIGHT to do this to him. Why can't you just love and accept him the way he is already? It's parents like you that make me glad that I grew up in my household. Because there my parents didn't care if I was a girl, if I turned out to be lesbian, or if I didn't believe in god. Just please... stop doing this to your kid.•••

i would think, that by feminizing the child, you would be teaching him to behave in a certain ways. boys have a tendency to be ruder, more brash, whereas girls are more prim and proper in their behviour. so by feminizing the boy, not only is he being taught about openmindedness, he is learn how to be socially proper.

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A wonderful posting. You are so sweet and loving. I have to say girlish. And many of your respondents also show that love and good feminine childhood training was provided. You made me feel good. You would be able to offer help on

Reluctantly, I have to chime in to this interesting and passionately debated subject. Obviously it is true that boys are feminized by their mothers for a variety of reasons. But I believe a boy's acceptance of this change is largely dependent on either (1) their genetic predisposition, (2) the environmental conditions of their upbringing, or (3) some level of both to affectiviely alter a boy's birhtright. I considered myself pretty much the normal young boy growing up with traditional likes and dislikes up until the time of my father's death when I was 8. Sometime thereafter I began playing dress-up games with my only sister (step-sister actually), which ultimately gained the attention and support of my step-mother. To make a long story short, home schooling soon followed along with my growing up in a single parent home a sister to Cindy and a 2nd daughter to my mom. I am now out of my teens and have recently debated the "why" of that change with my mother ...but it is still mostly unresolved. Did I ocassionally have difficulties and resent certain things in my life ...yes. But to say I didn't grow up in a loving family or that I wasn't happy with myself or being girlish would but untrue. Perhaps my mother recognized behaviors in me after my father's passing that were better met with a feminine lifestyle. I don't really remember but I likely had some genetic inclination to do so. Certainly I was provided the environmental conditions to support the new lifestyle. The point I want to make is that no two cases are the same and that my family's encouragement (even if it was more forceful at times) would not have succeeded if I didn't have some inclination to accept a life in skirts, panties and makeup. Recently, my doctor noted evidence that suggests that I was likely administered blockers and some low dose estrogen in my youth. Even if that was true plus the fact my smaller stature made me more passable- ...I do not believe it would have been successful if I had all the genetics of a boy. Does this make me strange or some vulgar effeminate name? I consider myself just a different side of normal.

Interesting post. I think what happened was you simply lost your father's influence after he unfortunately passed. You were raised by your mother and you had a sister who both did girly things and you didn't have anyone to play sports with or go fishing with. Nothing wrong with that either. What I described is your point #2. I wonder which is strongest...

Greg, thank you for your thoughts. It is often debated which is stonger ...nature or nurture ...being born with the genetic inclination to be female or being influenced to be the same. I suppose one without the other will lead to an unhappy and frustrated life as many on EP will tell you. Obviously I was nurtured to be feminine and I suspect I must have had at least some inclination otherwise I wold have grown up very resentful of my mother and sister ...which I am not.

Macho or feminine are not the only options. There is being a gentlman which it seems these days that women are considering that as being feminine. If you are a gentleman you might as well whack off your package and buy high heels. I'm starting to believe that if I took a closer look at the female of the species I will begin to wonder what I held in such high esteem. Nice guys do finnish last and it seems women are intent to make sure of it.

I'm sorry ...are you portraying yourself as the nice guy who finnished last? There is too much angst, anger and animosity towards females to be like any nice guy I know.

I made no comment about myself. I wondered if all women hated men unjustifiably... (that is allowed)!

There is nothing wrong with angst, anger or animosity: if they have been properly provoked they are justified. Still they are NOT levied at women in general but women who harbor a particular prejudice against all men for the failings of a few.

I think you are out of your mind wanting to force boys to act femme. Oh it may have some calming effect, out of fear the other boys will assault them at every chance. They may not be rough & tumble, always tearing up their clothes & getting bumps, bruises & breaks because they were trying to be as adventurous as the other tree climbing, bike jumping, ball playing jock type boys. But then we may read about them because they were bulied, (oh boo hoo). I wasn't forced to dress, but know to do ALL traditional womens work & the boys knew it. I caught hell & it made me FUBAR for years even though I could hold my own in a fight & I had to work that much harder to prove I wasn't a p****. Fighting can be bad, but ask the French how bad it can get when you can't? Even the slaves that were traded in the Americas were loosers in tribal fights before sold to Europeans to ship over. Is that what you really want? Muslims have absolutely no use or respect what so ever for girlie boys & will cleanse themfrom society first.

i am glad you started this with not forcing them. other wise i agree whole heartedly

i think that a mom should fem there son panties dress an all the love bond would be so great all the things they can do togetgher as girl girl share everything with each other

Sooo well said!

my mom who i love, always had me wear panties and frilly dresses at home. I don't think she ever allowed me male clothing except to go to school. I always had to shower and wear a dress as soon as I got home. She always made sure I had all the accessories[ slips, petticoats, bras etc. ] As I got older I found out I liked boys so I think she knew I was different from the beginning.

You ever heard of a self-fulfilling prophesy? Your mom made it happen and you give her credit for seeing something that isn't usually there until puberty. The best thing a parent can do is teach a kid authority and try to stave off the worst lessons before they happen. Otherwise they should let a kid take their lumps growing up and find their own way.

Oh my god, having sex with men is so much better than with girls. girls have nothing to give but when you satisfy a man you are rewarded with his *********** and know he has been pleased, and I am happy knowing my place in life is making a man happy. I started giving favors to boys and men before puberty and have never regretted it at all, my mom even encouraged me and taught me how to please boys and men

There's a joke that goes; "how many psychologists does it take to change a light globe? Answer: "One, but the light globe has to want to be changed." Its the same with boys and feminizing. Mothers can try to feminize their sons - some will see it as humiliation and will change their behaviour to avoid being punished again, others will "want to change." It is important that mothers are able to recognise the different reactions, signs in their sons when they are first dressed and must then behave accordingly. If the boy appears to enjoy his new found identity, the mother must quickly switch the activity from being one of "behaviour change" to one of "behaviour acceptance"

My middle age school daughters knew how to feminize an over aggressive boy with their knee. The boys were much calmer and less aggresive after that.

Whats next ? nutered would make them more mellow

that's just manipulative and wrong, BOYS ARE NOT GIRLS!! stop treating them like it.

Tomboys choose to be tomboys. Who's forcing them? Why don't you learn how to compare apples with apples.

Said as if stereotypes were anything to aspire to...

I've read this article and another by the same poster claiming that all males should be feminized, they're too aggressive etc. Frankly, no matter how much I disagree with it, that's the right of free speech, long live it. Like it or not however, misery would abound in these circumstances. My experiences were child abuse, I'm well aware, but they were not for the sake of "maintaining peaceful relationships", or "chilling me out", there are plenty of feminine tomboys willing to rough it up, its not a question of gender, to associate femininity with submission or being docile isn't really fair. To imply feminization is a solution to anything, to attempt to enforce "gender equality" is null and void. You can't enforce peace, equality nor anything worth lasting, we have a desperate need to control for fear of losing stability, let it go. These things must be borne from tolerance, respect, accepting love and ever greatening understanding. This includes allowing people to be as they are, not as we would will them to be, we're all unique. Feminization/masculization are neither superior nor inferior to one another, optimistically one direction claims to bring calmness, the other strength, pessimistically one removes confidence and willpower, and the other brings conflict and aggression. With regard to young boys playing sports, some would rather be playing with a science set, a musical instrument, or playing make believe, these are not gender specific, they're outlets for the terrific learning and creative capacity of children, sports are often a good way for boys and girls to let off steam and burn energy otherwise wasted and conducive to hyperactivity.

I agree.


Please, for the love of God let your boys be boys, this feminization stuff is insane and the excuse that it "mellows" boys out is flat out manipulation of the reality. In many cases all it does is turn them into cowards, which is not a worthwhile moral lesson of its own, and serves the mother's interests of being malleable and easy to manipulate. Please, take it from me, my mother tried this on me and she wouldn't leave it alone, she whispered in my ear for years as a child "you're a girl aren't you", mostly before I slept, I've no idea why, she made me feel guilty, told me I was bad when I said I wasn't, I was only a kid I didn't understand, it took me years to uncover these abusive memories. She also tried to give me oestrogen during puberty. I know this sounds really bad and believe me it was, but I've got to share this with you, please, a child is something to be nurtured not manipulated, children need kind guidance and freedom to be who they are, there's nothing wrong with strength, confidence and assertion, its not these elements that cause trouble its anger, a need for approval and ignorance that cause bad behaviours and these can arise in anyone of any gender. Sorry but I had to say something, and again, I'm aware of how messed up this sounds, I haven't told you anywhere near everything that happened but please heed my words!<br />

please tell me more about your experiencing i'm doing research on this sort of stuff

Bill, 50 years ago, would you have said the same thing about Doris!!??????

I have read a number of stories and entries on and yes some have been saved from joining gangs or becoming hoodlums. The thing I saw most was that the boys attitudes changed. They became more cooperative at home and they started doing better in school, some from failing to passing. They willing helped out around the house and the type of friends changed drastically. Today a lot of boys and girls show little respect for their parents and more families are becoming distant then close. Maybe it should be done with love and understanding, but I feel also moms should also start dressing their daughters back as girls as well.

Wonderful notes. Moms need to introduce their sons to being girlish.They can tell if they are receptive and if not they can bring up the idea. Children do not decide what to wear or eat. They are guided by their mothers. I remember when shopping, always taking a detour through the girl's. I would draw his attention to different things and tell him that he would love to feel that on. He would look and get interested. Soon he was leading the way to the girls' clothes. Then I changed to, "You WILL love to wear thes. After a while I added, wouldn't you? At first he wouldn't aswer, but then said, yes! So he was fitted for a toddler bra and panties. Only gave her things he asked for and was curious about. He had a strong preference with girls clothes.

Boys will do anything for the attention of their mothers, yes even dressing as a girl. It wouldn't matter if the dress was all frilly, if it included wearing the underwear and slips. It is a proven fact that boys are closer to their mothers then the fathers, but with girls it is just the opposite. Strange isn't it !!