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Please let me introduce myself to the group. I am a 51 transsexual woman who has been feminized by my mother beginning when I was eight years old. I'm also physically challenged with Cerebral Palsy which I had since birth.

Deep down inside I knew I was really a girl since I was six years old and started asking my mother questions such as why I couldn't wear dresses like she did, and why I couldn't be like her, etc. This questioning and my nagging about wanting to be a girl went on for a year and a half before I guess she finally decided there was some validity in my wants.

One winter's day a few weeks before my eighth birthday my mother suprized me by putting a pair of her knee-hi stockings on me. She told me that we were going to buy something special for me. She took me to a shoe store where I was fitted for my first pair of girls shoes. They were white dress shoes, and yes they did have a small heel on them.

When she bought my first pair of girls shoes for me I didn't know why she had bought them, other than to make me happy. Unknown to me my mother had a bigger plan. On the morning of my eighth birthday she came into my bedroom carrying a little girls light blue party dress on a hanger and a bag.

Since I had Cerebral Palsy I needed her assistance getting dressed every day. That birthday was the start of my feminization. My mother dressed me in sheer white stockings, a bra-look vest, because the dress was semi sheer on top, a full slip and the white dress shoes that we went and bought. That birthday we went out to have my ears pierced and had lunch out.

This is a true story and from that birthday on I was dressed as a girl every weekend. I became my mother's little daughter and can share many, many experiences and insights with other mothers. Granted, I'm no expert but I think that I could provide support and friendship to those who are actively feminizing their boys.

Please feel free to contact me if you are interested.

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I'm interested where u live?

Hallo Betty,

I'm very sorry to hear about your Celebral Palsy, that definately is not nice. But on the other hand you are extremely lucky. The chances to be a transexual are for sure under 1 to 2000, chances that a mother wants her son to feminize are also not really high. But you succeeded to be already very young a transsexual having a mother, who wanted you to feminize ! I really would have extremely appreciated when my mother would also have been more positive to feminization of her very willing son, but I had to behave and grow up as a resisting male. In my last post I argue that any child should have at least a fair option to investigate the existance of maskuline AND female feelings and noway shall be forced into a lifestyle only based on the body configuration between their legs. At least I found tricks to release my female feelings first temporarely and later absoltely definitive.

Kindly greetings, Sabrina

What a wonderful birthday experience getting your first party dress and your ears pierced. I can appreciate why it was both exciting and scary as others see you for the first time as a young girl.

Wonderful story! I feel being dressed as a girl is way more significant when it's a mother who dresses you as a girl. Somehow it makes it all that much more legitimate when a mother "turns" you into a girl, given she's your birthing parent. I can imagine how it was a combination of scary and exciting!

that a great story hope you had a wonderful birthday

Yes, that birthday was one of the most exciting, exhilarating and scary birthdays I ever had!