Mom's Lingerie

When I was 11 or 12 I decided to wear mom's bra and panties. Then a girdle and stockings and a half slip.  Tried a full slip but it was too small to fit me.  Oh, what a lovely feeling as I put her things on.

Many years later I have my own and love to shop for women's clothiung, bras, girdles, stockings, and lingerie.

I love to dress as often as I can but wear panties every day.  The panties are so soft and silky smooth.   It is such a delight to go shopping enfemme and then out to run all my errands.

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I luved wearing my moms things. I started with her panties and I was addicted. It was so nice. She had drawers full of sexy silky things for me to try on. It began my life as a very fem cd

What lovely memories it must bring back.

It does. I survived my college years in her panties

I started wearing my Moms panties when I 5-6 y/o. She caught me several times. The went and purchased me several pairs of pink panties, the same a she wore, except hers are size 7 and was size 5.
When I got into my early teens she purchased me several pairs of J.C Penney, Pink nylon, lace on the legs. This is what I wore until I went into the Military.

What a great mom you have!

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Love to layer nylon. It never looses it effect on all of my senses. The feel-nothing else like it. The sight-on my body and tastefully worn on others. The sound-stockings rubbing against each other and against silk and satin lounge wear. Just heavenly!

I agree.

There is nothing like the feel of silky things to be sexy. I love wearing panties especially high cut with lace and matching bras. Thank you for posting and I enjoy reading.

Thank-you for your comment. I agree with you.

I enjoy wearing lingerietoday, but I will look back with fondness on wearing my mother things

Yes, very fond memories.