my Mom was a single mom for my two older sisters and I. We all did the same chores, from cleaning to laundry and cooking. i was taught to sew and knit ... things that many see as "feminine" jobs. and i was taught humility, compassion, nurturing, and being obedient ... traits are also seen by many as feminine. i was always included when my sister's friends came over, and enjoyed playing with them ... even when they would play dress up and play with make up. they would often comment on what a sweet brother my sisters had, and they would routinely say, "he's just one of girls!" and then giggle. while i grew a bit more uncomfortable with the play as i became a teenager, i have never regretted seeing femininity as part of my character, balancing typical male traits. so yes, i think Moms should ensure that their sons have opportunity to fully develop their interest and personalities.
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You are so right, ed. Boys should be brought up almost the same as girls and taught to RESPECT AND TREAT GIRLS WITH SUPER CURTISY.