My Bed Wetting Youth

When i was about 11 and stil wetting heavily and goodnights just couldnt hold it my Mom put me back in diapers and plastic pants and would also use them as punishment as she would make me wear them all weekend and be changed in front of who ever was there when i wet them. I still wet the bed at 23 and am still diapered each night and some times punished by my now wife  Diane
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Hey Jimmy, when you were put back into diapers, did your mom treat you like a baby also? How were you dressed on the weekends? Did you only wear a diaper? Did your mom invite her friends over? Hope to hear from you

I have bladder issues so I have peed my pants a lot (I'm 13),but never the bed.I feel sorry for you

did you just say your WIFE punished you if i was you i don't thank she woud be talking to me right now

I understand how you must have felt being 11 and punished by wearing diapers and plastic pants and forced to play outside in your yard in your diapers. Same kind of things happened with me but I was always put in Pampers disposable diapers. It's not fun at all. I will be adding a story later about my stepdad puting me in Pampers while in his car which was just as bad as you can imagine. So, did anyone see you wearing your diaper and plastic pants in your back yard or is it fenced in and no one can see in? Did you hide or actually walk or play around the yard in your diaper?

Many peop[le saw me including some friends and after the embassment actualy started doing things and enjoying myself in spite of my diapers and plastic panties as what else could I do as they all knew that I had to wear diapers and wet my bed any way so just ignored my diapers and had fun and actualy played with two of my friends from next door and we had fun and my diapers were not a big thing once they got use to me being in them

Wow, thanks for the quick reply. I grew up in the Pampers Disposables era so cloth wasn't used by our family once Pampers became available to us in the 1969 and 1970 areas. But even as much as I was made to wear the Pampers, only a few friends actually looked past me wearing the Pampers and would still play with me. Otherwise I was laughed at and teased and not played with or hung out with by others. It wasn't accepted I guess for them to hang out or play with and be seen with someone my age wearing Pampers. I always felt like the outcast or a diseased boy. It would have made it easier on me if friends still accepted me even though I they were seeing me in Pampers like a baby. Eventually it got out to others in school and that caused a bunch more instances where I was made to wear a disposable diaper, but these are all future story additions as I will be continuing to tell them in my groups here.

I played while in them and there was no fence so any one could see plus my friends would come over and play so was teased a little but we had fun still

i still em today but only i am in charge i put on what i enjoy wearing

I was the same age when diapered and locked out in the yard as school let out. It was punishment for falling asleep on the couch and wetting it. I was home from school that day.I still wet 24/7 and will be 60 this year.