I Confess, I Mooo!

It's just an uncontrollable urge - it always makes everyone around me laugh!

BoredJudi BoredJudi
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9 Responses May 4, 2010

I once had to leave a pub because I was mooing. I might have been a little drunk

And have the cows ever answered you.

I enjoy doing this too. One of my fondest memories of mooing was traveling through Montana on the interstate, on a slow climb up a ridge. Down below, probably half a mile a way a herd was grazing. I mooed, and because of the distance, it took a couple of seconds for the sound to travel. It was hysterical to moo and then watch the delayed reaction a few seconds later when they all lifted their heads.<br />
<br />
I love to moo.

Haha...yep me to..I cant resist

Simple - like me lol!

sorry judi, ment to say momma cow and bull<br />
<br />

You are funny, I do that also. cows do make a very funny noise. mooooooooooooo<br />
have a good day and keep on moooing.<br />
was thinking how much fun it would be to suck on your wonderful **** while you are mooooooing with my naughty fingers in you making you ***. I wonder how long you could continue moooing once you start to ***. would be interesting to see how long you could continue the mooing. that would be sooooo funny. wanna play mamma cow and but.<br />
you live anywhere nere nebraska, there are many farm here where we could play the moooo game.<br />
not only would it be fun it would hilarius.<br />
you're great. Jim

And this is a problem? No way, I moo at all the cattle as I drive by. When you live out in the country, you have a lot of opportunities to moo...

I do that too, while I'm driving past cows. But there's never anyone there to hear me and tell me how witty I am.