I Love To Moo At Cows

I was walking past a whole paddock of cows & bulls, & I was happiley going , moooooo mooooo ooooo , when they all popped up there heads & friggen charged me, heaps of them, O it was so cool. ( I was on the other side of the fence phew). & admittedly it was a bit scary as they all were coming at  me, But I still moo at cows. :)
Siobhanz Siobhanz
41-45, F
3 Responses Dec 24, 2010

Oh god, there's a group for this!<br />
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Right....ok....<br />
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My name's Samantha.....and...erhhh....I moo at cows to! LOL!<br />
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Sammy Jo xx

ooh "paddock" .. isn't that technical jargon for "field"? I'm obviously in the company of professionals here Siobhanz ... very impressive ((bows to your superior knowledge))

Well to a profesional like myself .... It's obvious you got talent. You're still raw an rough round the edges, but with some trainin you got a shot at makin it to the big time.<br />
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Please consider usin your gift to the fullest of your abilities. Good Luck.