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Maybe It's My Accent ...

There are many farms ... with lots of cows ... around here ...

Even long-horn steer ....

And buffalo .... not quite sure why ... maybe they eat them eventually ...

Did you know that buffalo don't speak cow ???

Try to have a conversation with them and they just look at ya all stupid like ...

I can just imagine what THEY'RE thinkin ....
AllAboutLaffs AllAboutLaffs 70+, M 12 Responses Jun 8, 2011

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maybe they speak to u cuz they havent forgot we almost wipde them off the face of the world so maybe they r like elephants they never forget

Well Dee .... the calfs sort of mew .... the adults sort of grunt and snort .... maybe that's the problem .... no comprende MOO ...... I shudda guessed !!!!

You losing your grip there, WiB ????? ..... *Laffs grins and secretly thought it was funny too*<br />
<br />
Well, iwhoamme, I smiled, waved, winked and blew kisses .... it was exhausting !!! .... maybe I gotta look like a buffalo before they think it's OK to talk to me .... snobby critters !!!!

**runs off to buffle googleo ** that just struck me as funny ... ((no I haven't been smoking any peculiar cigarettes))

I dunno, WiB .... maybe so ..... I have eaten buffalo before ... quite tasty actually ....<br />
<br />
*runs off to Google buffalo*

on a slightly serious note (!) I think buffalo are kept for all the same reasons that regular cows are ... for meat and milk ... and isn't the milk used for cheese ? I didn't ask the Google guru about this yet ...

LMAO @ Monkey .....

Honestly WiB ... I tried every dialect of cow I know ... and those old buffalo just stared at me .... not even a grunt .... and I so wanted to know how their day was going ....<br />
<br />
smiling at Pix ..... :-))))

LOL @ WIB ;-)

ah ... buffalo ... an ancient dialect not spoken by many ... most of them speak a version of cow these days anyway ... it's part of their efforts to modernise. just try it , don't be shy, they can be very friendly even if you can't see their eyes through their long hair ...

LOL @ V .... yeah but, what about them buffalo ???

Oh my, that must make for some very aromatic days when the wind is blowing just right. lol <br />
<br />
I don't think it's your accent, Laffs. See, you're approaching a group of cows, as a male, who is talking like a cow. Obviously they think you' know...<br />
<br />
If you really want to get somewhere with the cows, then you gotta speak a lot of bull!! :-D

LMAO !!!