Everyone Likes a Chat. Except Humans, Perhaps.

I moo at cows.

I chat to birds.

I talk to clouds.

And other inanimate objects, too.

The car likes a few words now and then.

And the computer is screen unfortunately cops a bit of abuse.

Cats never seem to hang around to chat.

And dogs usually look like they'd rather be *doing* something with you rather than just talking.

I don't talk to humans much, though.
TheTardyDodo TheTardyDodo
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5 Responses Jun 11, 2007

i chat with cats and they talk back. i had one who used to make a discernable word 'milk' when he wanted milk. my most recent cat is somewhat telepathic and wakes me up pestering me for food. i hear 'meow meow meow the cat goes meow.... guess what time it is chris? ... time to feed the kitty cat! feed the cat, feed the cat, time to feed the kitty cat!'

Wonderfully told.I drove a coach which had to be spoken to nicely to keep it going. I was the only driver on the firm for whom it never broke down

i can agree to all the parts about the poor computer. I'm afraid mine takes quiet alot of abuse from me, (verbaly and physicaly) and yet it still loves me enough to work every now and then.<br />
It's a true mirical

Oh I'm not alone~ yay Hehehe.. I was planting a foxglove yesterday and it was rather wilty.. I was talking and cooing away at her..(Henrietta).. when I looked up to see my husband, Michael, just giggling away ... He is the bestest~!! <br />
Henrietta is doing just fine now :)

The first part was disturbingly identifiable for me! lol. And I like the wit of this piece! Now if you'll excuse me I must Mooooooo-ve along!