A Moo Among Friends

 I moo, why not? It probably rocks their world when one of the pale hairless thingies imitates them, I’m pretty sure they have a good laugh once I’m out of sight.

My cows name was Buffy, she managed to parent one calf…a bobby-calf…so I think they’re eating her legacy soon (on my families lifestyle block)

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3 Responses Jun 17, 2007

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Lol at NYC'ers, my current flatmate came down to my parent’s farm. He is from NYC but has been in New Zealand for a few years now and even as we approached the property he was all "wow' at every living thing we saw, the deer, sheep, horses...it was like another planet for him.<br />
I always thought the funniest thing was what my blonde cousin said when she saw the horses standing in the paddocks, "Where do they sleep?”

lol, I used to do that all of the time. When I was growing up I was in the middle of a 30 acre field. It had cattle and it was fun to moo at them. :P<br />
<br />
I have a friend from NYC that has never see a cow in her life. She was totally amazed that they were just roaming in the fields. She thought that since they were wild animals they should be in cages. :P