Cows Cows Cows!"

 I live in a place that I always describe as smelling like cows. I like to run up to them and go, "Moooooo," and then they look up for a minute, stop chewing, and then continue chewing.

mowermouth mowermouth
6 Responses Mar 19, 2009

We were mooing at the cows one time and the bull just stood there and growled at us and our horses. It was the funniest thing. He was sticking his neck out and mooing/growling at us. Funniest thing.

Every time I'm out in the sticks I do that and pat them. It's funny!

Hahaha... :) I live in a village so I do this pretty often.. :) go to them, watch the a little, "Mooooo," and they look at me like I'm crazy and continue ignoring me... :) lol

We moo at cows too!!! Lol! I live right beside a pasture of cows and my friend and I like to go and moo at them just because they will tilt their heads at us like we're crazy.

I live in the city so I haven't got the chance to moo at cows yet but I think they'd do what you just described.<br />
<br />
Look up, "Who is this guy? Ah well..." Chomp, chomp.

Give it some time, Our stupid Officials are doing a study on why Pigs stink, to the tune of a million or so, maybe they'll get to the cows next year....Chomp, Chomp