Well, It's Only Polite.

When in Rome.  Right?  I don't have a great command of Cow, but a nice little lowing seems to be an appropriate greeting.  At least, I've never been kicked for it. 

Then again, cows are tolerant.  Who knows what I could be saying?  Maybe when they see me coming, they whisper to one another "Oh.  Here SHE comes again.  Look, man, I just can't deal with her today.  Did you HEAR what she said to Marge last week?"

This may be why some of them usually walk off when I approach.  The more mature, tolerant cows hang out.  But I mean well, and at least I make an effort to communicate in their language.  And I think that's appreciated.

DiscoveryChick DiscoveryChick
41-45, F
Mar 19, 2009