Hehehehe... Yep....

I love to be silly and to make my kids laugh.. We used to go for walks and would always stop and talk to the cows.. If only to know what the cows were thinkin, standing there chewing their cud and lookin at us.. I would call the cows and say "Mooooburger or Moooookshake"... lol Made the girls giggle.. :)))

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For reals.... lol.. Sounds like alot of fun... I could take my kids too.. They'd think we're crazy.. lol Simple things are fun.. :)

we could have a blast walking around a farm, holding hands, and tormenting the animals!

Me too!!!! It's funny.. lol Ashamed to say sheep too... lol

I just do it to **** with the cows! hehe

Lmao... :D Hahaha<br />
What about the mooooooburger???????????


Us Cali peeps are in touch with our inner cow... lol

Me too! I am from Wisconsin and I thought only we could understand the cows...Thank you

Lol.... Thanks... Happy Easter to you too.. ((hugs))