I live in a rural farming community, so I know some of the cows I see pretty well. They will come to the gate if I moo at them, and the brave ones will come to have their noses petted or their ears tickled. Gradually more will get brave enough to learn to like it, but I don't take liberties if my dog is with me.That makes them overly curious and can be dangerous without a gate between us. You can encourage them to engage with you by breathing down your nose at them, but they may want to lick you. Would you be ready for that?

Sheep will probably run away until they know you, but you can reassure them by bleating gently at them.

I also bark back at indoor dogs who bark if I walk mine past their houses, in a friendly gentle way, of course.

You could try singing birdsong. Your whistling may well get a response for territorial reasons probably, and you don't need to be very accurate to make it happen.

Am I mad? Who cares? Animals are wonderful companions and being on good terms with them makes the world seem a better place.

andrewwarwick andrewwarwick
66-70, M
Mar 6, 2010