Mooing and Waiting In the Meadow For Your Return

The EP world is a worse place for the loss of our precious moo.  Some of you knew her as friend, others as a great comic; still others knew her as the little chick with a big heart yet a mouthy one when someone went after her or one of her friends.  No matter what you knew of this young lady, one thing is sure, most of us knew her unforgettable cup size and precious avatar.

Moomouse decided to leave us, if not forever, at least for a long while, as she could not be party to so many of the actions that were taken.  It was her decision alone to take this time for herself, but I for one will miss the chick that licked me so many mornings when I was down; the chick who wasn’t afraid to flash us with her beautiful large cups, or the girl who wasn’t afraid to laugh at herself or join in with you when you were laughing at yourself.   I am glad that she gave me her contact information so that she will not be totally lost to me; however I can’t help but mourn somewhat the loss of the silly times we shared on EP. 

Can you hear it?  I hear a cow mooing in the distance.  Could it be moo trying to tell me something? Maybe she is thinking of coming back into the meadow with the rest of us?  Maybe, but for now I will still be a little sad in my heart because I will miss my little friend.  Hurry back moo! For now I will offer up a heartfelt "MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" in your honor.


fungirlmmm fungirlmmm
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28 Responses Feb 17, 2009

Oh she came back. We are still friends too.


It is always good to ATTEMPT at the very least ATTEMPT... to communicate... lol

Yes, moo was and is one of my best friends here. I was very distraught when she left.


I joined way to late to meet her but she sounds like a fun person

Hi fungirlmmm please tell moo that zippy hopes she is fine and misses her too. gosh, what a loss to EP. And I'm a newbie here !!!

As usual. I never doubt you sweetpea.

it is just like i said. I have all the answers after all.

Awesome floyd. I read it and I can't wait until we can all play again.<br />
<br />
Sara, mmmooooo


Hey fg, good news, her stories are not gone and I though you might be interested, she posted a message for all of us,<br />
<br />
<a href="" target="ep_blank"></a><br />
<br />
And personally I tell you dont worry you will see her soon! :-)

Fungirlmmm I must have been asleep. Why did she leave? She was good fun.

Moo holds a special place in my heart, she always will

Thanks San, I know how you adored this young woman. <br />
<br />
Rog, Will do when I hit her up next time.

mooooooooooooo where are youuuuuuuuuuuuu<BR><BR>I sure doooooooo miss youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu<BR><BR>I used to spout off way to much ... I have calmed down some but if I get going i have been known to rant a bit LOL <BR><BR>I am confident that she will be back - she was gonna just go on vaca a little while ago - guess that would have kept her stories around .... <BR><BR>I can see this being a place that you need to occassionally step back from. Emotions can run high. <BR><BR>So since i can't say Moooooo how are youuuuuuuu<BR>I will say Mooooooo what will we doooooooooo<BR>without youuuuuuuuuuuuu

just gotta ask yourself " can i survive in jail?" If the answer is no then either don't do it or go out in a hail of gun fire against those trying to take you in!

l agree. I am at that point with some persons in my life.

Its like when i get mad and i want to kill the person for wronging me. I am not thinking about going to jail, hurting him and his loved ones or mine for that matter. (not that the great arorin has any!) I am just thinking i am pissed and you are going to pay. That is a pure emotional reaction. You can deal with that by preparing yourself how to act before it happens, but you can't do it while under the emotion. Taking a time to step back is a healthy thing and it shouldn't take her to long to get better.

Agreed, I do not like getting over emotional myself because that is when I make my worst mistakes.

It is not a bad thing. If i know anything at all about human nature she will be back. I won't say the reason why because even though it may be true it could get others mad at me... But she needs time away to cool off. When you are overwhelmed with emotion you can't think rationally.

I know you hate that but I can't help myself sometimes.

... going sappy on me again!

I hope so. I chatted with her a little this morning. I want to tell her about this group but I forgot. I love that kid.

She wanted me to name my band moomouse... I have a feeling she will be back though. One of the only people left that is active in my ep list...

Aronin, I have cows in my meadow and what is so funny is that I named one of the calves Moonmouse because it is constantly trying to lick me. lol

She was a little cutie. I wish she hadn't deleted bc she had some really funny stories.

I hear the same thing but i think it has to do with the cows outside my window...