How Fast Do Astronauts Go, When Going To The Moon.

so the reply is how many ,miles per hour ,are they,when they were traveling to the moon, well ,the Apollo astronauts ,took  48 hours ,so we have the time taken,and the distance to the moon is ,250,000 miles, so that means they would have to travel, at  5,220 miles per hour ,to get to the moon in 48 hours, so 48 hours is 2,880 mins  or 172,800 secs so  now we know that there is 2880 min in 48 hours  at 5,220 miles per hour,we now have the number of inches going to the moon  just do 2880 times 5,220 miles per hour and you have the number of inches going to the moon as  if we look at the number of inches in one mile as 63 thousand 360 inches ,the just do 250,000 times 63 thousand 360 is 158 million 40 thousand inches from the earth to the moon.
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Oh!! wow! :) you are very clever working that out :) I wouldn't have thought of it that way! :) Thank you for sharing! :)