i have confidence that my marriage will work but i still want to know what to expect. i mean like what changes should i expect and what should i do to keep it in a good stage.
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4 Responses May 9, 2007

Love, devotion, humour, patience and be able to make a compromise. I think that maybe these are the most important. And HONESTY. Oh, I almost forgot it. <br />
The change is that love will be transformed into affection. But never mind: it is much stronger.

No one knows what to expect out of marriage, it is what you make of it. Like stated already communiction is the key I am just learning that myself, because without it, it is impossible to get anything accomplished. Sex is good too but don't rely mainly on that, if you make a marriage about sex, when that get old what do you have left?

And SEX!! lol. Sex for HIM; Communication for HER! If you give these to EACH OTHER it'll go good! lol. And keep the romance alive, RAY! Guys slack off when the ring hits HER finger! Surprise her with something different, out of routine, or a gift! but that comes after the Honeymoon love starts to fade. But then again, if a couple really works at it... why should the Honeymoon stage EVER LEAVE??

Communication is a big one.....both talk and listen (really listen).