Ya There Is More...

Sometimes i just wonder how i got this far.....,yes attempted suicide,yes cut,yes many drugs, and yes thoughts on murder
But the thing is in my life all this happened,BUT never ever gave UP on......
This life of mine I would not give up therefore stuck with it,needed change 
i did not want too be angry no more,bummed,or resentful Life is life the rest is up too me...Karma works for me..I get back what i put out there
And cleaned up my damn thoughts if i am thinking angry or Negative i will live it..what i think i become it has been prov en for me so i live it..
No do not do it the best always...But am better than i was and Life too me is "Living in the solution now and NOT the problem"
it is what i made of it in the Now
More later Peace and Respect
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2 Responses Jan 29, 2013

Thank you, I needed that reminder. I choose to be whatever I am being. It's very hard at times. I struggle with my bpd and what you talk of I experience in my bad days and wish I were normal and didn't feel as I do. But I am doing it I am getting better.

I love you! I do! You are a fantastic friend to me, and I know that you are "there" for me if I ever need advice or even some AMAZING music! Thanks LK!! xoxox

Dude - ALLWAYS! :-)