World Union

Yes, of course there will be a Governmental Union, don't worry, and chance is the named World Union. The letters I was able to read from my great grandfather, President of Haiti from 1922 to 1930, were written in the same word for word by if not all of the Presidents that contacted him in honor of his position as a President. They all began with "Great and Good Friend" in spanish, and other languages I can't even read, but the ones I could read, all felt word for word. What it means is our presidents communicate exactly alike in certain formal circumstances that dictate their behavior with one another, since then in the 1920's and I believe today word for word must still be. Its actually quite funny. Like, whats' the point of these two Presidents writing almost the same letter? Anyways, that is a clear indicative of not a conspiracy theory, but, a Fraternity. They are also eloquently designed, each name of the Presidents or Emperors of the time, very sophisticated. It is common sense that we will unite our governments and that we are already quite united. Then it was beginning by the use of machinery and the telegram but now we are way ahead, time is coming up. For sure in my life time I will experience this Fraternal Union at a deeper level exposed, and may we relax many levels for our future generations governmentally, and just stick to the basic natural environment, THAT, is the factor, not the governing. Thanks a lot, enjoy.

But don't be overwhelmed with the intensity of this timeline. Just, love it.

My way of seeing it may be otherwise then what will be, but say, if, our militaries were all together, all over the world, working full time, well, our illegal underground would collapse if we cooperate our corps of police and swat I mean, if internationally we add to the group all that we've got for the good of "a different time" or "different times", whatever, it would be swell.

The most important factor I believe of the miracle that will unite us (unity is our only solution) is a governmental pannel that actually teaches us through speeches and writings about positivity and the power of positive thinking. Honestly, we need to believe that we can be good and deep inside are good to have a great life. If we continuously are taught that we should panick and fear then it's not going to work World Union will be a bad call. It is of utmost important that the truths of Heaven, the truths of the Angels is taught. You might not believe in Heaven or Beings of Light but it is the truth. When our leaders teach us that we are in fact capable of great goods for Heavenly congratulations, then we will act well and our agressivity will diminish. I promise that we heal quicker in positive thought then in revengeful thought. Point made clearly.

The next is that our intellectual movement will boom up since our educational systems, all together, laugh, amaizing, I mean if we put our best systems together by some type of amaizing group, I mean, perhaps this happening now and we don't know, but I mean seriously, if our educational systems got together for the embetterment of our knowledge. uh, the info. The information.

Love I mean, if our informations are shared at a time that we are forced to not fight my Love it will be sincere bliss because we will have genius all over the place inside. I mean, spread when we need to, in media, I mean, the Spiritual Channel, Healing Channel, The Television Channel of Invention, just amazing.

So what about our finances? Easy, without competition, balance of economy its clear. And our Vatican bank has a lot, and anonymous accounts will be I believe illegal (Swiss Bank especially) and, that will allow alot of big time donations. It's about the gold I believe and we have alot it comes from the stars. In fact gold is star dust so, lets dig up some saved wells and lets go.

As far as transportation, I am still at awe of our inheritance of oil and what our fumigation is doing. Ay. Toyota tell me, whatsup? I see green cars but to change a motor from gas to what, hydrogen? I need an answer for that one, say, bus and railways. We shall see, ask the big guys they know there is force here that makes sense. Why? Because gasoline cars are not illegal in any country, and you'd figure that a country at least would say no to gasoline, but they all go with it, no kidding, so what's the mystery. ?

And for food, we shall have fields of healthy foods like, fresh and not bio genetically modified with super soils that are super by "steroids".

And sports? Dreaming of that day when we have true competition world wide of the best damn baseball players of every country all the time.

I kinda see it that every country becomes a state like in the USA is a state. But I think that might be a little heavy, but, "don't you worry, don't worry about me" " oo ooo oooo"

And for us who need more incentive, its the medicine. I mean the best medicine of the world shared to the world. Please Holy Paper, oh man, I mean, when our techniques are shared and medicine is like, inexpensive since competition is down and it becomes governmental to a higher extent and things are regulated on the principle that we passed the dark epoch. And we will. December 21st 2012. Congrats to HIV improvements, say thanks to Haiti too, great improvements, love you guys.

"moving forward"

I mean, when our music of the world starts to flow and the beat is positive and the lyrics are true and the art is so spectacular like some Haitian art I mean, oh dear Puerto Rico and what I've seen in buildings and architecture Holy Slate thank you for even participating every word I type is like Saying thanks for being a Borno.

The most important though is the department of Spirituality which is serious about spiritual informations of the religions as a governmental issue, that I look forward to, as in, what does the government give as far as our issues involving our higher or closer heart.

Smile it has to be great.

And the fights? Doesn't have to be, if all militaries join it will kick *** with rebels and most leaders have been made into governmental agents, anyhow, believe that or not. How? Well, they obviously are found and some are forced into working for the government to inherently corner the groups into a spot that cannot be unstopped. lol.

What bothers me is the illegal fire arms that are trafficked, that's my issue and, I mean, I live in Miami now and, guess what, not a fun thought of a patriotic nut case kicking himself in the balls he should watch more movies.

As for entertainment in general, that being art still, but, that our genius of every nation comes together for entertainment

Oh technology. Wow, robotics for sure will emerge hugely if we apply our technological mights together. And we can expect this amazing insight

A "ufo" is simply a military spacecraft... well, from the moon you can have one of those anti gravity shoot off from boosters nonetheless now a days we are flying at speeds you can't see.

The issue is racism for Global Government and how to curve that I think is, radical. I'm looking forward to our solution to acts of racism like from Israel and Pakistan for example. Or certain conflicts in Africa. It's just, a problem, what do we do if borders are opened in a Global Government? I mean some can expect huge influx of people say coming to the USA or Europe if they can afford getting there, I'm just trying to piece together if our borders can last.

To think about this is awesome let me tell you. It's not a dream we will be united we are meant to, not a joke but a funny one if. It's to find the way out of violence from racism and terrorism against religious groups or ethnic tribes. We suppose huge steps have been taken so far to curve that but man, it's tough to imagine that step being easy if borders are not still closed. Perhaps exceptions, I don't know, I can't say from here. My hope is that we are Heavens Kids and act nicely but, I mean, this documentary last night was these radical group of Americans when this pastor was inciting them to shoot or burn or drown the Koran I mean, that's so messed up there is wisdom in that book and many books like the Christian Bible or the Torah, so, what's this stupidity?

I suppose it's up to the leaders of those groups, hopefully "Great and Good Friends" to make alliances public.

I just learned an amazing lesson: its almost this: if you have a few crayons, you can break them easily. By snapping them. But if you have all crayons, you can't snap them.
I see that as a theme for World Union since it is the truth of the matter at Hand. I mean, we are here to encorporate Heavenly Structure onto our Stage. Stage as in, gravity, timeline, plans, you know what I mean. Here is a way to look into the future. The fast food Diet Restaurant that is worlwide and on the top of the charts. Or more powerlines beneath the ground. I suppose there are many ingenius ways to peep into what will happen. But something big will change because of our facing the center of the galaxy by plane and its just, a miracle that we are so close and technology is so close and we are like DAMNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN

AMERICAN expression lol the "damnnnn...." I meant Heavens but I mean the cycle is true holy come holy I mean, I have been infused with exposure from my family since young I mean, my dads best friend is a Samurai, dad is up in Heaven now (frikin thieves or whatnot shot him be he shot back) and, it's just family receiving prizes from French presidents, a few times, and all around I mean we are uniting its just I want to participate so I'm about to say it: Lets frikin get together and start chatting about it, I mean, bumper stickers that says "we are uniting our world" Lets make money not to be thieves (in case you detest money) and, well, I just detested money until the thought came, from inspiration, my holy God Mother, you don't want to be a thief, so, yeah, that's a good reason to make money. Heres how, invent. Below are some extra ways to invent I mean, its elaborated but enjoy.

If so such is true that our Cabinets internationally are of the same structure, say the Roman, or Greek, the oldest, we can be assured of a "Master Plan." If so in the beginning of the Roman epoch, very much before A.D, there was the goal of global control, it can be well observed that the Romans have indeed taken over the globe with Allies, if so there are even allies in this field of operation. Meaning that the consequences of our world ancient and modern through the religions of time have been calculated at a very sincere rate and code of behavior, say, "secret societies." We can hope that the Roman force has been intelligent, and has proposed through the best and worst levels of might and the methods of conception (brainwash) to place us at a point of security. Are the Romans secure? Are they reliable? Or am I off entirely? Say the Vatican. Okay, Vatican. Are they secure and reliable? If so we are safe, if not, still safe, this is Earth and I trust Earth. In Earth I trust. 

I am just not so sure of the ancient force that is dominating today. When I ask, I get no answer. My answer has to be either Rome or China, I really stick to that. China visited the globe Earlier by Jen He if that's the correct spelling all respects to honesty, and, then came the Vatican force of Spain with Christopher Columbus interested in gold and jewels. Oh land and takin over the world too. My point is, let us find who is in control and ask if we should trust that control or not. I figure we don't have a choice but to trust since that is a cooler way to live about it (Gods choice, perfect life just allowing intelligence to unfold purity as this exact scenario) and, to be aware of a positive World Union. A lot better than todays' great and giant leaps.
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Aug 9, 2012