My Most Embarrassing Moments

So here is my embarrassing moment
If you have moments please tell

1. This isn't embarrassing just funny but when I was little I had a brats doll that you can style well I cut its hair off thinking that I would grow back.L.O.L

2.When I thought someone was waving at me so I waved back but she wasn't waving at me but was waving a the person behind me.So embarrassing.

3.When I peed with laughter

4.This one isn't mine but my uncles.
He was at his mates house and they had been drinking and it was getting late into the night so he had to go home,he phoned a taxi ,Ten minutes later he heard beep,beep,he ran out to the car and jumped in but this wasn't the taxi it was a guy waiting for his wife.
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3 Responses Jan 8, 2013

I had a sports physical when I was 14 and my older sisters best friend was the nurse and saw everything and I had to see her all the time

i got an atomic wedgie infront of my whole family in my spongebob whitey tightes, i was also pansted and i peed. plus when i turned around there was a huge poop stain. i was like 10 when this happened.

Woah haha that last one was gr8