Stranger At The Pool

My family lived in a mobile home park for many years. In addition to the permanent residents, there were also people who rented motor home spaces by the night.

One night, I was enjoying the pool. A girl I didn't know asked me what my waist size was. Although I thought it was unusual for a stranger to ask me that, I answered her. "Thirty-four", I said.

The girl, who was roughly my age, went on to say that her uncle was sitting on the bench by the fence. Turns out that was also HIS waist size. She wanted me to take off my swimsuit so he could swim! "I promise, I won't laugh", she said.

I had several problems with this request. First of all, I'm was very self conscious about my body, especially my butt and my penis, both of which would be on display!

Secondly, the manager's office was right by the pool. I would have been kicked out, and probably both of them as well.

Another problem was that if someone else at the pool complained, I might end up having to explain myself to the police. The possibility of going to jail did not appeal to me.

Finally, I knew many people who lived in the trailer court. How would I explain my actions to them? Awkward!

Needless to say, I turned her down. I think I made the right decision, even though it could have led to a long term friendship or maybe more.
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2 Responses Sep 14, 2012

How stupid did she think you were...?
You should have said Ok but the only way I'm giving my toggs away is if you are willing to do the same... that way you could take all her clothes and have something to cover up your modesty whilst you handed your toggs over.

You made the call. Good MAN! Good comon sence. Max93

Thank you for the compliment!