I Am A Sugar Daddy And Just Had The Most Incredible Experience.

So long story short - I have been seeing this 23 year old girl - ******** (I know you wont believe this but I actually talked her into going out with me at the ***** club - I guess that could be a story in itself).. Anyway this relationship has grown over the last 3 months and I now maintain a apartment - cheaper than the $200 a night I was spending on hotels - 6-10 times the first two months)

So last night I say I am talking client to a ball game - instead I meet the girlfriend - we have sex then go out to get a bite to eat.. We go clubbing - and end up seating next to a group of your girls - six of them ranging in age from 21 - 28.. we start up a conversation - turns out the are with a large group (100 people) touring the US - from Australia. So after a few shots it becomes apparent the that my Girlfriend and the young lady next to her are into each other!! The 3 of us decide to try to go some place else - where all her other friends aren't around. So we head to a bar across the street.

Well my Girlfriend (lets call her Niki) gets carded and she forgot her id back at the apartment. So after a short discussion we decide to drive back to the apt to get the id - about 10 minutes drive of course we tell the sweet your Aussie it's only 5. So they jump into the back seat and I start driving... I hadn't gotten more than a couple of blocks and they are making out like crazy .. I am seeing bras and panties being pulled down in the rear view. I think wholly ****!! and try to get to the apartment ASAP..

Once back to the apartment .. I set up around of shots for us... and then Niki says the the young lady would prefer to hang out in the bedroom -- I say OK - let me get the next round - and I will take it in there.. By the time I get into the room they are totally naked and kissing on the bed..I set down the drinks and start taking my clothes off to join in .. Niki is then just eating the girls ***** and I am totally turned on just watching .. she then motions to me to take over for her and she slides up and puts her ***** up on the girls face. SO I just keep licking and watching and listening to both of them moaning ... I know they both came and then Niki starts ******* the girl - just grinding away ***** to ***** - It was ******* incredible and I am sucking both of their **** and kissing them both..

Both girls finished and were just laying there ... I still need to come .. so said hey what about me .. so Niki gets me hard sucking my **** - then gets up on top of me.. she leans over and is eating this girls out again... I then tell her I want to **** the other girl too.. so I switch and Niki pushes us both together while watching us **** ... I freaking exploded!!

This had to be the most incredible night I have ever had ever!! And this is NO Bullshit!!
vikingfan33 vikingfan33
Jul 30, 2010