I Love These Lyrics Is The Best Ep Group!

I have always been a music freak.  My mom claims I would kick her to certain songs when she was pregnant and before I could walk I would crawl closer to the speakers always.

I write other stories too trying to express how I feel, what I want to say, give encouragement and inspire others.   But there are so many songs out there that do that better for me.  If you can see the message of any of the songs I have posted in the I love these lyrics group then you can see my heart. 

I often wonder then since I am so inspired by such songs (and movies but thats a different story!) if I am my own person or simply a creation of the music.  Do I believe, feel, love and such because the music inspires me to do so or do I love the music because it's saying whats in my heart already.  The more I think about it the more I feel its both.  The two feed off of each other.

Music is always there in my head even when I am not listening to it. 

So when you see me post a song in the I love these lyrics and you happen to read it just remember as you read the song your actually getting to know me better. 


denverguy denverguy
36-40, M
Mar 10, 2010