One Of My Favorite Times

I've always loved mother-son roleplay.  Sometimes I'm the innocent little boy who gets taught things by his mommy, and sometimes I'm the dominating son who uses his mother like his personal *****. Generally, I prefer the dominating son, but the other is a adventuresome change of pace.

Back in the day, when I used to chat, there was one woman (yes, verified woman) who typed as fast as me, and we'd have some hellacious online sessions. I have had a couple of older real life lovers, though, which is when it's at its best.

One role play session went something like this -

I walked into the house, all quiet, except for the tv on, down in the den. Going down the steps and around the corner, all I see is at first is the couch, with one leg draped over the back. The whole rest of the room comes into view, and I see that my mom is stretched out the length of the couch, her skirt up, and there's a redhead on screen giving this dude a *******. My mom is fingering her **** like crazy, and sucking two fingers of her other hand, now starting to moan and shiver. Obviously, I've caught her mid-*** and there's no stopping her now. I watch a moment, then walk up and quietly put a hand on her leg. She flings herself off the couch, shocked and apologetic, trying to explain. I just stand there, no reaction. The last thing she says is that adults have urges, and it's a natural thing. I say "Everyone has urges - and I think it's pretty natural. I'm having an urge right now." I walk around the couch toward her and she looks puzzled, and starts to back away. I catch up and tell her that this can be our secret, but I want something in return. I start pushing on her shoulders, she protests, struggles a little, but gives in. Soon, her mouth is right in front of my zipper.

I hold her hair with one hand and unzip and release myself with the other. My hardened **** bobs out and slaps her on the chin. She shakes her head. I nod mine. She shakes her head again, and I take her head in both hands and press her lips against my ****. I pinch her nose between my two thumbs - finally she gasps and I shove my **** in. I'm ******* her face slowly and steadily, and after a time, she relaxes and starts to get into it.

She's bobbing her head up and down my ****, and I'm telling he what a good mom she is, taking care of her not so little boy that way. She gets even more aggressive on my ****, but I pause her and slowly push the head into her throat as she gags a little. We continue with that for a while, alternating deep throat with bobbing head. Before I ***, though, I pull out, and the leans in to keep it from escaping. "But I'm not done!" she says. "No, you're not, mom." I reply.

Then, I flip her around, still on her knees, and push her face down to the couch cushion. I flip up her skirt and effortlessly slide my **** deep into her dripping ****, and **** her until we both come. I wet my thumb with her juices and press it into her tight ***, telling her that one day soon, I want my **** in there as well, but I'll settle for this for now. She nods her head in compliance. She thrusts back at me almost as hard as I'm pounding in to her. I can tell she's getting close, so I tell her to reach around and play with her ****. She does, and explodes like fireworks. She moans and mutters, says "**** me, son" over and over, until I finally ***, too. I pull out, our juices dripping from her **** onto the rug, and seat myself on the couch.

I pull her head over to my **** so she can clean it, while I tell her what a good mommy she is being. She mouths "thank you" as she softly suckles my now clean and softening ****, and I know this is not going to be the last time she and I do this.
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you wrote a great story! Are there more?