I Need Help Please- My Mom Died And Sister Is Abusive

Hello I feel for all of you so very much and I wish the best for you. My mom passed away 9/21/12. I was caretaker for her and best friend, companion. I moved back from CA to live with her in our family home. She had heart issues and then other complications. I did not expect her to pass so soon. She went to the hospital, then hospice and died soon after. I was of course not prepared, as if I ever could be. During her last month, I had stayed up all night every night to be sure she was all right. I was exhausted and in deep pain from fibromyalgia and other health problems. I did it because I love her more than anything in this world and I did it willingly. We were very very very close. Now, after her death, my sisters want me out of the home so they can sell it and they want to go through everything including my things which are a huge part of the home as my mom was unable to walk towards the end and so did not go downstairs. I work in a business that requires me to review items and my home is filled with them and I have commitments to work that I had to put off to take care of mom as well as my health appointments and regular life. I simply wanted to get healthy (able to walk) , grieve my mom, finish my work that was promised (a great deal with the holidays), make it through the holidays and then start to clean the house as it is messy with my things. Then, I figured, if they want to go through it even though my poor mom had nothing of worth, not even enough for her medical bills. But, this is not good enough for them. My older sister out of state who has abused me emotionally and physically when I was small will not let up and insists she come in as executor. Which is all right but there is no understanding of my health or condition. She is hostile towards me and has written horrible things while my mom was still alive. I was the one that lived with her and spent most time with her. My other sister is not talking. So, I am completely alone in a town where my friends are not (as I lived out of state previously) and where I have no help. Winter is here. It is cold and they want me out. No one of the family speaks to one another though this is not my choosing. No one tries to be understanding. Lawyers are writing me letters. I get constant emails at 2 am that terrify me. Bascially, I am terrified. My brother in law yelled at me the other day and swore at me. when I went out to take out the trash. I did not incite it. I had spoken to a neighbor and he was upset that I spoke to anyone. I need help very badly. They feel that they are doing nothing wrong I am sure. They have homes, families and lives and have moved on. But, I am still trying to cope and I am very very sick physically and emotionally. I don't know what to do any more. It is horrible to grieve such a devastating emotional loss but to be attacked all the time and resented for being here is unbearable. If anyone has any thoughts, I welcome them. God Bless you all!
devastated25 devastated25
41-45, F
Dec 10, 2012