Mother In Law From Hell

She calls herself my dear sweet husbands mother but there is no comparison between the two of them.

He a quite well mannered teddy bear with a great love for all people, animals and life.  She an evil being with a lust for death and destruction and money.  Mammon rules.

If you just can’t give (money) anymore, she will take out a life insurance policy on your name and “pray” or curse you to death.  And if “praying” and cursing doesn't work she will cause a heart attack.  Dead you will be, remember mammon drives her.

She will keep at it for years, 23 to be exact and if it still fails she will drive you apart, little by little.  Why?  To have total control over the son she is protecting.  This way she can take some more, drive him insane and maybe he will take his own live.  The money, 1million, will be hers to do with as she please.

This did not start when we got married, no, it started when she found out she was pregnant with no husband and an alcoholic for a mother.  She tried to abort the baby. Tried the operative word.  He just lived with minimal brain damage. Progressing more and more the older he got. Today I have a husband with a lot of brain damage, epilepsy and so on and so on.  Who had two heart attacks and three strokes to date and a mother who still wants him dead.  With me in the middle praying for a miracle.

I need this protecting evil ***** to go away, far, far, away.  I do not wish her any harm just for her to go out of the country, because this continent is not big enough for the both of us.

Please publish this, maybe she will read it and decide to go away.

elmarie123 elmarie123
41-45, F
2 Responses Feb 27, 2009

Karma is a *****. . . . take out life insurance on her.

i believe there are people like that in this world, who are so unhappy they wish everyone else to be. i have a buddy who is having problems with his mom. or rather his mom is causing problems for him and his wife.