He Doesn't Wear Diapers Anymore Sweetie...

First off, let me tell you a bit about his parents. Both of them are in her fifty’s and dated in High school. They have SIX kids and the one I date is the fourth one, and he is the mama’s boy and proud of it. The father is a well known dentist in the area we live in. The mom is VERY selfish, and when I first met her she came off as I love my kids but I hate my husband. She talked down to him a lot esp. in public. The family is VERY wealthy and the mother has only worked three years in her life as a kindergarten teacher. The dad could basically care less what his wife had to say, I’m guessing because he has heard her nag for so long. The mom is so spoiled she gets EVERYTHING she wants and she always seems to ask my boyfriend to do it for her.

My boyfriend and I have been together for a year and a half now, we are in a serious relationship and plan on getting married when we get out of college. He is 2 years older than me.

Okay so you’re probably wondering how badly this lady can be. Well, the first time I met my boyfriend’s parents was on his 18thbirthday we went to this really nice place to eat and you had to wear a dress and everything. I walked in and everyone greeted me, then I noticed that yes it is my boyfriend’s birthday and they stuck us by the end but not only that, they stuck us by the end of the table with the little kids and all the adults sat on the opposite side of the table, so the whole time we were talking to twelve year olds. While sitting there looking at the menu my boyfriend’s mother asked me what am I getting? It donned on me then why she is asking, I remember my boyfriend mentioning that she did not want to pay for my food and he agreed that he would.

From then on out I felt VERY intimidated and uncomfortable at their house or around her. First time at their actual house I walked in and she shoved the ice tray thing and a scoop and told me to put ice in the glasses. I felt uneasy with this, because how am I supposed to know who likes ice and who likes a lot of ice? I mean people are picky with their ice ya know. So I just put an even amount, and sure enough she comes by and fixes the ice. I was embarrassed and started to put pieces together.

So it’s only got worse from here. She called my house once trying to find my boyfriend because she called once on his phone and then called right back and he didn’t answer right away. When my mother answered she was very demanding and rude. We have never spent Valentines Day, or our birthdays alone. He couldn’t even come see me for my birthday when she knew it was my birthday. On holidays, even Super bowl she wouldn’t let him come over only I could go over there. Also on superbowl she told him that she has been feelings sick all week and had a bad taste in her mouth and if I got in her way or annoyed her she going to take me home. She guilt’s him into thinking he is “killing her” and that she is sick ALL THE TIME. She forces him to go to therapy.

I have never had a full conversation with her, and my boyfriend tells me this is why she doesn’t like me. Well I’m sorry; she makes me feel stupid and bad about myself. I don’t like to be around her. A couple months ago she told my boyfriend I wasn’t aloud over at their house or family events, I wasn’t allowed to have any contact with any family members and that she would advise him to stop seeing me OUT OF NO WHERE. She says our relationship is unhealthy, because we break up a lot, when she is the cause of our arguments/breakups. She has said numerous of times that I’m not a good person and nothing good is going to come out of me. when she doesn’t even talked to me.

He doesn't stand up for me, at all. He had issues with my parents cause he thought they didn't like him and felt as if he wasnt welcomed and I talked to my parents and now they get along fine. He doesn't believe me when I say that people give me weird looks when I say I date him and then they always ask about his mother.."is she really that mean".."i've never heard anything good about her".."she thinks she is better than everyone" it puts me in a really akward position.

The worse thing she has ever done, which made me want to write this is - she told him to pick college or me. She said she wouldn't pay for his college if he was seeing me. Right now she is giving him the silent treatment because she wants him to feel bad. I get mad and I say she is "ridic" and he gets mad and says "i already know this". I feel like he thinks im the bad one, like i did all this. He also acts like he could care less sometimes. All we do is fight now because we CANT be together because of her. She pays for everything so he cant just get up and walk out.

I just can't believe someone is this bitter, this mad of a person.

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18-21, F
Feb 26, 2010