Wedding Weekend With Mom

My brother's wedding was in Reno. My mother and I had planned our weekend tomorow a few weeks prior to our arrival. My mother reserved a room for herself and one for my sister, while I told everyone I'd b staying at another hotel close by. We met with my bother and family and had a great evening together. We kept whispering to each other throughout the day about how bad we needed each other. By the late evening, after dinner I my mother pulled me aside and insisted we find a casual way to excuse ourselves. That first night we met in my mothers room around 9. When I made it to my mothers room she was already there preparing for a long overdue night of love making. She dropped my pants before I made it to the bed and started giving me a blow job like a sex starved woman. I won't lie to u, I hadn't had sex in about 3 weeks before me and my mother's meeting. My mother was afraid someone might come knocking so we started in the bathroom in the shower. I wish I could find the words for how intense the Passion was between us. I pumped away inside my mother like a man possessed. When we got out of the shower, we continued our love making well into the early AM. When I woke up in the moring we went at it 2 more times. U know what the best part is? Not once did my mother go to the bathroom to clean my *** out of her (sorry but I'm a big ******** fan, made my mother one too, lol). I kid u not, well maybe a little but, I have never seen so much *** pour out of a woman in my lifetime. My mom just sat back against the head board and let me watch our love juices flow. God what a beautiful sight. Not long after that she showered up and i put another load in her and she pulled up her panties trapping my *** in her and we met with the rest of the family for breakfast. Nobody was none the wiser and we exchanged many latent smiles during breakfast, she even texted me to let me know her panties were soaking wet with ***. God my mother knows how to turn me on. In another world we r a perfect couple in every way. After the wedding and reception we snuck away to her room for a few quickies. When we left Reno and went home, my mother called me to let me know that weekend was the best time she has ever had with any man in and out of the bedroom. Love my mother more than any man ever could. P.S. we had been having sex for a few months before this family event occurred. More stories soon to come. :)
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3 Responses Sep 17, 2012

So, did you also bang your sister? The brother who was getting married, has he also been banging mom and sis for years?

Wow ! cream pie city ! good for you !

Beautiful story. You are both consenting adults and certainly in love in more ways than anyone can really understand. I wish you both long and healthy lives.