Why Hire A 12 Year Old To Work In Girls' And Women's Wear


Martin Parker 12 and landed his first job working in a stockroom delivering stock to the floor. That did not seem to be too complicated. Martin was waiting out site the store eight o’clock in the morning. Being the beginning of October the morning air was a bit nippy. “Good morning Martin ready for a hard days works? “Shaking his hand good morning sir-I mean Mister Sullivan. “Laughing son, don’t worry about it. At least you are here on time and a little bit early, I like that in a man “Opening the door motioning him to go through the door.
Martin headed for the stock room where he was interviewed yesterday afternoon. Mister Olinger met him smiling, “Glad to see you could make it. Now how would you like an increase in pay say by five Dollars?” Yea! Martin’s eyes wide with excitement, “Sure what do I Have to do?” We checked out your records and found out your very good with graphic design.” Martin grinning from ear to ear, “So Martin I want you to report to a Miss Holly her office is up stairs first door and your left.” Martin was off like a flash thinking to, himself wow I am really doing great first day on the job and already I’m promoted to a better job and great pay.
This young man met him as he entered the office with a large smile, “Welcome aboard I am Holly Linquist I am the head of this department “shaking his hand. She was dressed like a guy and even talked like one wearing her hair in a brush cut. “Oh hi I am Martin Parker.” Mouth dry shoving his hands into his pockets not knowing what else to do with them, I’m here for the computer job in graphics.” Sweat rolling off him like he was running the mile.
Holly grinned, “That is only a small part of your job. You will be helping Sue here dress and undress the manikins that mean figuring out what they will wear, Oh just coordinate what and how what clothes they wear and for the specials like mother’s day.” Sue walking over, “This is my new girl…a guy! Sorry Martin I was expecting a girl. “Laughing I, hope you have no hang ups on dressing and undressing women and girls or girl’s clothing for you are going to see it all! Believe me there isn’t anything you won’t see. “A voice from the back somewhere, “Fresh meat, have you told them the dress codes that there is no exceptions” don’t pay no mind to her, “laughing.
It did not take long for Martin to realized that all the women were dressed and acted like men some bald and others oh well. “Here is your first job, put these clothes on this young girl manikin and oh just don’t throw them on her-please. “He couldn’t help but feel someone is watching him. Martin with his two index fingers gingerly picked up the pink satin panties. Now trying to put them on the manikin as modestly as one could. Holding open the right leg opening he started to slide the panties on when a blood curdling scream pierced through his body with a roar of laughter that followed.
Sue grinning, “That is about the worst of the gags you’re going to receive today. It was your two little index fingers that cause that. It is an oversize doll for god sakes. You won’t offend her just dress her and just don’t rip any of the clothes or you bought them. Nice huh,” putting the panties on the manikin” now was that so hard cutie.” Walking away turning, “Don’t they feel great and so soft?” giggling as she disappearing around the corner Martin had helped his litter sister fasten her bra. After that it was only minutes before the girl manikin was dressed.
“Great job now you have to take her out on the floor and Rose will help you set her up.” Martin placed the manikin on the flat bed and wheeled her out to girls wear. Rose had everything set so all had to do was place the manikin. “The girls are all a chat over you Martin you are the first male that has ever worked in women’s and girls’ wear, what do you think about so far?” Rose was an older lady in her late 50’s or early 60’s the grandmother type loving and kind, “Other than scaring the life out of me it’s not bad just a little embarrassing at times, especially when I have to work in women’s or girls’ underwear.” Honey we call it Lingerie that is the silky frilly stuff. Now the so called underwear is cotton brief t shirts the like. Today you brought out lingerie for it is all silky soft and very arousing to both men and women. Sonny you will do just fine” Turning back to her work.
When Martin returned back to the office Sue and Holly were waiting for him, “You are just the person we been waiting for” Holly informed him as the two of them lead him to another office. The inside of this office was set up something like a locker room only with blinds and racks of all kinds of clothes. “This must where you ladies change for work and home. “Marty, Marty this is where the models get ready and change to a new set of clothes.” Martin smile, “Well when that is taking place I won’t be allowed back here “giggling.
Sue with a smirk on her face, “See Marty, before you were hired girls worked your job and part of their jog was modeling girls’ and women’s wear.” Laughing Martin, “You’re not asking me to model women’s and girl’s wear are you-oh god you are asking me!” Sue smiling like there is no tomorrow, “Honey we are not asking you we are telling you or your big money job ends here and now. “What about the computer job I was hired for?” Holly, “Sorry it goes to oh the stock room job has already been filled sweetie pie. Well what will your answer be yes or the Road?” Martin not wanting to lose his job, on the very first day, “Can I have until tomorrow morning to think about it?” his stomach turning as a cold sweat covers his whole body.
Holly, “On one condition if it is a no you will do one modeling show with your going rate of pay. I will give you your lunch time if my first offer is unacceptable. “Martin knowing his job is on the line already, “There was something said about a dress code with no exceptions, how that applies to me?” Sue turning towards Holly, “He’s one smart kid. Are you sure we don’t want to reconsider on how much time we are willing to give him.” Martin, “I don’t care about the time, what is this dress code business “Now leaning on a bench.
Rose entered the room, “Martin hadn’t you notice all the ladies here dress and act like men. The dress code had to be change because you a real male. See it always been girls or females that had your job. They were force to dress and have their hair cut in a men’s style. Now you are already following their dress code. For you to give them power over you, you must dress and work like a girl or women with their hair styles or you have to leave.” Mar tin face said it all, “Rose, these ladies are your superiors. “Laughing, no they are not-I am here to keep check on these women rule and the men wear the dresses and skirts with the petticoats and slips. I let then run the business I just make sure they don’t lose their jobs. For these ladies is the very best money can buy for a business like this? Are you willing to dress in suitable girls’ attire while you are working here? You can change your clothes before you leave for home and change back when you arrive.” Martin, “Sorry ladies I need until tomorrow morning. So thanks for allowing me the fun of working here” Walking towards the door.
“Ladies, there is one thing you both forgot Martin is a minor underage, you cannot force him to commit to any legal binding contract. Giving him until tomorrow morning is a must. You are not dealing with a young lady 18 or older who is a legal adult. Martin is still a child and you both need to remember that. I know you both love seeing boys dressed as girls and in a way I do to. Yet it is illegal to force any young boy to dress as a girl against his will. Call his parents and ask them but tell them everything leave, nothing out. There is a very good chance they and Martin will agree to do as you want.” Rose hugged and kissed them both then went back to her work.
Ruth Parker answered the phone, “Parker residents Ruth speaking “Misses Parker this is Holly Martin’s supervisor. He left work today thinking his job was over with May I and my assistants come and speak to you in person please?” Ruth smiling to her, self “Sure come right on over the doors open just walk on in.” Not five minutes Holly and Sue was setting at the dining room table.
Holly smiled, “May we call you by your first name?” Ruth nodding her head yes, “Ruth, Martin is an excellent worker and we are sorry that we might lose him. You son’s job was dressing manikins and undressing them which also includes the modeling of women and girls’ clothing including their undergarments, what we are asking is would it be okay for Martin to model and wear female clothes?” Ruth grinned, “It is okay with us just you best ask him.” Sue, “We have and it seems he is looking for your agreement or just saying no.” Ruth turned, “Martin come here son I need to talk with you.” sipping on her tea.
Martin coming out and seeing Holly and Sue, “Miss Holly Miss Sue, Mother what is it you wanted?” Ruth smiled and kissed her boy, “These women want you back and I know they want you to play dress up with them. Honey if you like the job and don’t mind pretending being a little girl or lady you have your dad’s and mine blessing Blushing, “Mom you are embarrassing me, “laughing” Miss Holly and Miss Sue if you still would like me to work for you I would be very pleased. “Then can we count on seeing you first thing tomorrow morning martin?” You sure can miss Holly.” Holly and Sue left understanding better all that had happened that day.
Martin entered the office Holly and Sue met him, “Young man we have some papers for you to sign and your mother will be in to read and sign them. This gives us to have you model girls and women’s clothing underwear included.” Martin signed Sue’s eyes lit up “In the office you were in yesterday you will find the clothes we would like you to wear while you are here at work “Walking with him to the office.
Inside the office behind the screen folded in a neat pill was a training bra, low cut pink satin panties and a slip white in color. Beads of sweat formed on his forehead as Martin pulled the panties up in to place. Sue helped him fasten the training bra and showing him how it is done when he is by himself. The dress had a white blouse top with a full navy blue skirt trimmed with a black thin belt with a gold buckle. The hem came just below his knees and up an half inch was the hem of the full slip. Seeing Martin had never worn high heels before Sue started him out in half inch heels pump black in color.
Laughing, “I feel like a jerk dressed like this.” Sue with smile, “Rather you believe it or not you do make one very attractive young lady.” When Martin was ready Sue toke him out to the girls section, “This is where you will learn some very stark realities. You are getting paid very well for your time dressed as a girl. Yet there are others who are not quite as lucky.” A women walking over from the toy section, “Raymond no toys until you keep your promise to your mommy. There is a nice young lady pointing towards Martin. Sue, “Marty an old 1950’s girl’s name.” making like she was busies.
Excuse me Miss?” Marty ma’am what may I do for you?” I am Betty and first we need a girls dressing room and I would like you to go and pick out 10 to 15 pairs of silky panties size 8 they’re for my lovely son Raymond for he so badly wants to be mommies little girl, right Raymond honey.” Martin could see the child was at his wits end and about out of his mind with terror of having someone else seeing and helping him buy girls’ panties. Martin showed them to a dressing room for the girls and went and found 15 pairs of silky panties in a rainbow of colors. Betty had no heart she pulled Raymond out of the dressing room every time Raymond tried on a new pair of girls’ panties and the same with the dress and skirt sets. Finally Betty and her poor son were gone.
I hate that women, her poor son I wanted to take him and hide him away where she could never do that again to him.” By the end of his first week Martin had done 3 fashion shows and waited on unnumbered Bettys and their sons, he had dressed 42 manikins sorted more clothes than he thought possible in one life time. He grown to like wearing girls’ clothing and loved the work. One of the main places was how he had mothers introduce their boys to girls’ clothing. Both were happy and little or no crying.

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I love this story!

Maybe so, Yet I tsnd to think maybe not. why being surprised like that and believing the job was something else completely, I tsnt to think no, yet you know your self far better than I. I would had that very thing happen in my life, read my answer posted June 10th 2011 and you will understand and thanks for your great review.

Hi Ned, I enjoyed your story, I just wish I had a job like that when I was younger.

I wish I was cross dressed from a child

I know I am wearing a long black dress, black pantie hoes and a black bonds bra right now and have been since I got on ep today. but I just love being forced into things

What an amazing story, and your word visualization is wonderful, I could him working in that store and whistling and giggling with every little boy and girl that entered that domain. I would have loved working along side of him. You have a true gift and I know your stories will flourish as you unfold them to ep readers, can't wait for the next one, giggelet knows real talent, and so do I. Your friend, elizabethjane

Bill, Back in 1972 I worked for the FBC or family bargan center as a stock boy. Now the stock room had 6 ladies their ages I say 30 to 40 the ladies spotted right form the start. I was young 25 and shy a scared of girls and women. they were rhuthless they would hold silky panties up to me and ask wouldn't you just love to wear these sweet things?" they put them on me they forced me to wear pink panties and a slip on morning while I was taking thing to the floor. the whole time i was there they teased me and forced girls panties and bras on me hey even some of the guys joined and help over power me so the could have there way. Oh it was a scream! This is where the last story came out of.