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Should Mothers Turn Their Little Boys Into Little Girls?

when i was young i was dressed as a girl but it was not becouse my mother wanted a girl it was because she just did not have the money to buy me boys clothes, it was not until i started school and the school insisted i wore the boys uniform and also had my hair cut that i started to wear shorts and have short hair, up untill that day i had wore the same clothes my sisters did and also had my hair long and in either a pony tail or pig tails with ribbons in the same as my sisters.

even after i started school i continued to wear skirts and dresses out of school as that was all i had, it took several years untill i wore only boys clothes.
today i wear skirts and dresses when i like also i have long hair down my back which i normaly wear in a pony tail and yes i still wear ribbons in it when i want to but i do it as a man not as a woman i do not try to pass as a woman i know i am male and happy with it but after being raised wearing skirts for the first 4 1/2 years of my life i prefer to wear a skirt than a pair of pants.

i think it is wrong for some one to make there son wear skirts or dresses and act like a girl if he doesent want to but if he wants to wear a skirt then let him it may have altered me as i know most men do not wear skirts but when i talk to lots of men most of them say they wish they could go out in a skirt now and then but they are affraid of what other people will think of them, just because a boy or man wears a skirt it does not make him gay or a sissy boy, it takes a lot of guts for a boy or man to go out wearing a skirt
this is a photo of me with my sister, i am on the left.

second photo is of me in local bar in puerto rico age 57
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The answer to should mother's raise their boys as girls? is no for they are males and should be happen being a male:just like the girls should be happy being girls and should love dressing as such for there is know shame you to look and act like girls. Oh and no you are not the wearker vesal youare every bit s tought as any man and can do heavey lifting as good or better. also you are eauil to a man and the Good Lord loves you just as much as he does any man and maybe more.

I am completely a male but I wish my mother had of dressed me as a girl when I was young- I would do it as much as possible today while at home if she did

Jax: Was that a boys bike or girls bike you were riding?

Skirts or trousers, that is no problem for women, which accept that in men. The machos are against. And i am sure many men would wore skirts, better an comfortable in summer, if they wouldt mind about what others said and mind. <br />
It is sad that he dindt have the chance of being a boy because of lack of money.<br />
Any how seems to enjoy it, according to the picture of Puerto Rico.

I love that current picture! You've hit on something that so far has startled me. When I first tried wearing skirts outside, I did so only when it was dark, and I'd have a hat on. Now, I wear skirts on my bike (a 12-mile ride last weekend), at the store (just added one) and in the laundromat. I'm starting to get the feeling that the biggest obstacle to us wearing skirts when we want is our own comfort level. The woman sitting next to you doesn't seem to mind. Thank you for letting us know that it is possible to just grab the skirt if that's how you feel that day. You look nice in the skirt, you're having a good time, and it's just about enjoying your day.

stand up and be proud..

thanks i try to i have added a second photo of how i look now