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Helping Turn Your Little Boys Into Real Little Girls

As a feminist Dr , whom is also a pediatrician, i have been lucky to help change and mold many little boys into remarkable totally passable and acceptable little girls.

there are many different ways to do this, some moms simply want to add a little bit of feminiity to their boys, while most want a full total changeover.

at around age 7 or so you should makea conscious effort to NOT give him ultra boyish things,
no violent video games, no name brand shirts clothes and especally sneakers. I have always found that boys ( when allowed to pick and choose their sneakers ) tradtionally feel very manly and macho that they get to pick their styles.
Never allow your boy to do this if you want to totally "sissfy: him , I always suggest classic "unisex" converse all star sneakers, as both boys and girls wear them and they are inexpensive and there are ways to do some special things with them. Like if you buy him nice red converse and you wash them with a little bit of bleach by accident? now he had pink sneakers.

also serious consideration has to be made as far as sports are concerned. To let him play sports is good for his physical growth, but if there is too much "male bonding : then this couldl be a bad thing.
when buying equipment for your sissy boy, always buy the least expensive stuff, so he can get picked out and maybe picked on a little bit.

with the invention of male hormone blockers,,, more moms need to use these as much as
possible with their boys. now most hormone blockers are not approved for use in the USA, but there are safe no prescription pharmacies like
that have the male hormone blocker 'cyprotone: highlighted in BLUE for ease of ordering.
but take note as how many moms are buying it under the radar and using it with their boys and
"oversexed husbands" disguised as vitamins

however i digress

a boy zapped of his testosterone will be such a marvelous creature you will love. I always strongly suggest to many of my mothers whom complain that their son is too active, plays too much sports, has me running around for all his game is too demanding,
to give him a one year trial run on "cyprotone" ( generic androcur)
90% of all moms LOVE the results.
all safe of course as you only need a low safe dose to stop testosterone production in boys.

now with the ease of asking your OB+GYN for something for vaginal itch ( i usually prescribe 1.25mg Premarin) but you will get a nice female hormone your little brat sissy boy
can be given under the guise of a "vitamin supplement"

that wll truly help feminize him like he should,

and in all fairness to him as a person,, if your going to turn him into girl shouldn't you do it ?

do it right!!! make him grow and develop breasts, make his boy hood shrink stay small and have no interest in it. watch as he develops hips and looses interest in boyish activities and then you replace it with cooking classes, pottery classes and other more typical girlish stuff.

be fair to him if your going to turn him into a girl, as you can always say he has a hormonal imbalance causing this feminization.

and do not worry.,take him to your family dr ( a female dr i hope) and ask for a blood test every 6 months as your son seems tired all of the time.

this will keep things safe

but if you want to feminize your son and turn him into a girl the right and safe way .

contact me i would be honored to assist

all the best

Dr Lucy
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Another helpful tip by Dr Lucy! Feminisation is the way forward!

I wish I had a mother like this when I was growing up.

Lady, you should be taken out and SHOT.

Too ****** right!!!

Send me a note on how to add some of these hormones to a compete sissy man that I have trained for years. Would like to feminize him more.

I believe the correct spelling is Cyproterone Acetate. This medicine works by inhibiting the action of androgens (male sex hormones) in the body. Male to female transsexuals believe that it may be useful for hormone therapy.

I adore your posts, Dr Lucy. PLEASE keep posting. And I'm very sorry you had a stroke.

I wish you had been around when I was a young boy. If my mom had known more about raising boys as girls, I would have been thrilled. So much information and possibilities are available now that were not when I was young.

If I look back at my youth, I have been unhappy living as a male all these years.

Best wishes to you for a lovely Christmas and the best of New Years.

Dr Lucy you tricky person you. That converse trick I had to laugh at. It is so devious yet so simple.

Now about the hormonal treatments. What type of boys are we talking about? You said the hyper and otherwise very much a sports enthusiast. That to me seems like most seven year old boys.

Now I personally wish to be more feminine, I mean I want my reproductive organs to be functioning as one day I want kids and I understand very well that hormone treatments can cause infertility. And I can assure you I will raise my kids free, as in I will allow them to dress either in male or female clothing.

Dr Lucy I read your stories enthusiastically. If his mother would have agreed, we would have asked you for help with my grandson, who still gets suspended quite often, but, she
didn't so I could not. But I need to feminization you talk about premarin. I have had blot clot, so the side affects sccare mme. Is there any other prescribed pill I could use (for my 60+ yr old self) to help feminize? I am currently trying to grow breasts, and I would not mind MORE qualities of a woman. I am, besides using cream on them, taking
saw palmetto--very carefully, because it too can cause problems, but THAT should help me pee better, and block "T"

This is truly inspiring, thank you oh so much for this article. New mothers of male children should be given a copy of this as a hand-out so they can become aware of the possibilities that are open to them. If this were to happen, I am absolutely certain that a huge number of mothers would be on board with the whole feminization program. We need a way to subtlely promote this, and the sooner the better.

Are there in fact any central websites or membership organizations or societies that people can join and perhaps receive regular newsletters, etc.?

Again, thank you, and please, for all of us, both female and male, keep up the good work.

Discovering your post was awesome. Please write more.

Dear Dr. Lucy

Wow! Where were you when I was growing up. I needed no encouragment to dress as feminine as I could, from as far back as I can remember. I was one of those boys that would rather play with dolls and play hop-scotch. Helping around the house was more fun for me than playing ball. The first time I tried on a pair of Mothers panties was at 9 after she and my sister went clothes shopping and I saw what she got and what I got and wanted her things instead. That night I found a pair of her panties in the hamper and loved howq they felt on me, even though they were to big. There was no sexual feeling about it just a feeling of rightness and comfort. I began to take more notice of how the girls dressed and when able to emulate them. I would sneak in the hall way and spy on Mom as she dressed. By doing this I learned how to put on a bra, garter belt and nylons and that panties go over the garter belt. Well many things were learned this way and for a year all went well until one day she caught me in her lingere. There was no yelling or beratment just the line that little boys didnt wear mother s clothes. Suffice to say I didn t stop, just got sneakier.

Well my story goes from there to 11 when my cousin found me in her babydolls while sitting for her. After I explained to her how I felt and why I did this she sent me to bed ( in the babydolls) and the next morning asked me if I would like to spend the rest of the weekend as a girl. I have never felt so thrilled except once. That day and the next I was dressed in some of her older things and even went for a walk with the baby, dressed as a girl. It was a wonderful experience and one that was to repeat almost every time I sat for her.

At 15 it was her that finally convinced my Mother to accept who I was. She went and picked her up, took her for a drive and as I found out argued like a wild cat for me. When Mom walked into the house and saw me dressed as a young lady, she began crying. We talked for hours and cried many tears but in the end we hugged and she accepted the fact that I wanted to be a girl. That is when she confessed to us that she knew I still used her and my sister s things at home and that when she had caught me that day, she really wanted to let me stay dressed and that she was very impressed that I was able to dress in and undress from her things so easily.

Dr. Lucy I understand why you do what you do, but please remember there are boys out there that would like nothing better than to be little girls, grow up and be young ladies and women. I wish I had had someone like you to talk to, someone to suggest ways to be the girl I wanted to be. Instead it had to be my cousin who did things by trial and error. Thank god for her, most of the errors were small. Anything I wanted to try as a girl she found a way. Including how I could experience, somewhat, starting my period at 13. Yes it was only wearing a belt and napkin but that was the other time I was thrilled to bits and I felt so feminine if a little scared. For the next 2 years until Mom accepted me as a girl it was only part time and only when she had her s. At 15 because she had accepted me I began to have a full time period each month on my cousin s cycle. She was hesitant about this but let me find my own way. Then when she realised it wasn t a passing faze I found 2 presents on my bed. One was a green wrapped box with a red bow and a smaller pink wrapped package with a card that said For a great young lady. Dress in your best and use these in good health. You are going to dinner tonight. Signed Your Aunt. The big parcell was a box of Kotex and the smaller was a new Maidenform belt. Mom had really finally accepted who I was.

Well thatès my story. Not every boy is a terror, but then I was never really a boy.

Luvs Ya

Dr Lucy- I want you help taking care of my brat, can you let me contact you.

Start at an early age putting the brat in a dress. Then add more girlie clothe every time he misbehaves to further feminize him. He will either straiten up or become a girl.

i would like some help with this

Thanks for your likes and ratings. Let me know what help u need.