My Friends Mom Let Us.

Matt lived next door and was my age about ten. His parents had a lot of money so he had all the best toys and games, so naturally I wanted to play at his house most days. He had a sister who was years older then us and was away at college. She had kept most of her clothes from when she was our age in the extra storage closet in their carpeted basement, so all we had to do was pull out the bins and find what we wanted. I remember putting on her dresses, just throwing it over my clothes. We pranced around letting the dresses or skirt fly around us as we twirled and jumped. Sometimes we would play house or pretend to be each others moms, just normal kids stuff. A few times we'd run up stairs and show his mother and she would laugh. As the months went by and I visted my friend I would see him most often in his sisters clothes and not just over his others as usual but, only in the dress or skirt. The only boy thing he wore was his shoes, his sisters were to small. I know because I saw him once try to squeeze himself into a pair once. When I asked about the clothes he told me his mom was just fine with it as long as he didn't ruin them. So I ended up with a friend that for a few years, until he moved, wore girls clothes. At that time I was indifferent to it so long as he remained my friend. He still lives in my area and from the last time I talked with him he told me that sometime after puberty struck he stopped wearing girls clothes. The secret I never mentioned to him then was that I still wear them from time to time.
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Awe, it should be a secret! It might bring you closer! He has to understand.