I Inside Because Crying Inside Because My Baby Is Offically a Man Tomorrow

 It seems only yesterday my waters broke and I was rushed to hospital.......he was 7 weeks early...

Being wheeled down the corridor for a emergency caesarian section, I suddenly went into labor.  Gone were the thoughts  of a natural birth..give me drugs....and lots of them..... and no one will get hurt !

He was wrapped up and shown to me.....they had foil all around him.....he looked like a roast chicken!

Then whisked down to neo-natal ICU.....I didn't see him again for days......I thought he was dead ( I had lost 9 babies before him)

A week later I was allowed to take him up to my room where we both stayed another week.

He was born looking like a 3 mth old.....12 lb,.  29ins. long.

He has continued to have his share of medical issues, heart/bowel etc......but he beat it !

Sam spoke his first word at four months and was reading/writing in Eng/Japanese at 3 years.

At 13 years he completed his first tertiary level certificate.

I am proud of him, but I do mourn for the baby/toddler/childhood years.

I love you my son, walk with your head held high and carry the love of family and friends with you all your days.

Love & hugs, from MUM xxx


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He's 17 now.....but SS. you're right he'll always be my baby

awww......i had no idea u were a mother.....to be truthfully honest, this whole time I thought u were a man! LOLL Yes, a man that has a passion for fruits & cats, and is so utterly sweet& supportive. Well it doesn't matter what u r, but u r my friend. Heads up high sweety, he's only 13! (he still IS ur baby) and plus men take 4ever to mature, they'll always be big babies lol