I'm Sorry...But I Must Let Go

The child of my past...

Tries to holds my hand.

He's all alone, suffering from the former pain.

But I swallow my guilt and tell him no.

I have to move on.

I cannot...bear to gaze into the pain of darkness anymore.

I am not strong enough to take us both into the light, one of us will have to stay behind.

When I am strong and wise enough.

I will return for you.

Take your hand.

Tell you everything's okay.

And show you the way.

So...until then...I'm sorry...but I must let go.
Lushiro Lushiro
22-25, M
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i got a abortion.. i cant let it go

You cannot for you took the life of an innocent....

i know i feel so bad ..my abusive boyfriend told me too do it should have never listened it wasnt even the baby's fault i was only 14

Its okay, repent and ask for forgiveness and move on please, its truly all you can do. Ask god to forgive you and you will be free with a new slate.

Not enforcing such belief upon you, just that it helps clear your mind. Otherwise just be happy with life and not worry for the past.

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This was a wonderful read. I wish you all the best!

I know that same pain and I've grown up too fast I'm only 15 andI'm not sure i want to let my child go yet, she's the me who told my preeschool teachers i was bored of preeschool so they better put me in gr1 she refused to smile just to make those silly adults happy she was there with me throw fostercare she's is my strenght and my weakness she holds me back but keeps me alive but she's my past, I've tried to go of her and my past but I don't know how,can you tell me how?

Just let her go. Tell her you'll be back for her but don't look back, keep walking.

maybe you can't take him into the light,
he must do that for himself,
he must walk that path alone...

lest this a shadow reflection of yourself,
some part of yourself you can't face now,
or something...
too little time as you need to get ahead now,
going in the light now and dealing with the darkness later...
no time to waste.

Good poetry.


Our inner children carry the sorrow. But they also carry all the joy, delight, and integrity...A lot of people feel a hole in their soul...feel empty. It hurts.
But survival does have to come first.


wow, well said!!! The inner child must be put on the shelf until you have time to play with it... rofl...


awww that was beautiful, and such a caring lad you are Lush, you have got a heart of gold and will get soo much out of life, keep strong my friend


You speak my heart!


talented lush!


wow lushy you have talent

As do you!

no i dont lol you have way more

I get what you are saying stay young

I will

Well said, and very moving. Thank you for sharing, Lushiro.

Most welcome. :) And thank you!

That is not letting go, my dear friend. That is taking care. Make a better place for you, so you can make a better place for your child of the past.
You Lushiro, you made me cry.

I'm sorry...didn't expect my story to have that powerful of an effect on you..

Don't be sorry, they are tears of joy, not pain. But I so know what you mean.

hugs :)

oh i dunno what to say, that has left me with a lump in my throat.

Try and look to the future now, there will be a shinning star for you!!

I'm left speechless on a few stories myself :/ I hope so Brist...

You never have to apologize for releasing any negative memories, love. All they do is take up space in your thoughts. All you have to think about is what's ahead.. Whatever's behind doesn't matter anymore, especially the hatefulness of childhood and school years.. And over time, you're gonna find the strength to show that familiar face from your past a lot of love.

Thank you :)

If only I had words for you right now. Feel my heart love. I am here. You do you.

Just being there is good enough! You stay cool mommio people respect and love you for that :)

Can do.

Kinda sucks growing up...! Wait I don't have to. :D
Thank you both for the kind words, always appreciated from the crazies lol like the movie.