20 Years Old And Moved 55 Times

I just discovered this site today, randomly googling. I read a few stories which inspired me to share my own. Please excuse my english since its not my first language.

6 Elementry schools
2 middle schools
1 junior high
2 Countries

I lost count on how many times i moved until i sat down one day with my mother and went through all the places we moved. It was a long conversation, we bouth discussed alot in what order we lived where. by the time i was about 18 i had moved about 50 times. the longest i lived in one place cohesive was 4 years, which was rare.

I grew up with moving. This seemed only natural to me until i started school and made friends, which i soon had to move away from. My second school was in another country, i had to learn a new language even tho it was almoast the same as my mother language.

In third grade i moved to this place where i got bullied alot. I made one friend which had to move after a month, (pretty ironical right). This would be something that changed me alot, i was mostly alone, and didnt have any friends at this palce. I didnt have any contact with old friends from where i was living before, i moved so much it just became natural to me not to get to close to those people i meat. Beacouse of this im not werry good at keeping contact with old friends. Still i have 1 friend which i managed to have contact with the last 12 years.

The reason i moved so much... To be honest im not realy sure. My father newer hade a steady job, he is a carpenter and moved alot around the country building houses for different people. Mostly it was illeagal work (not paying tax of what he did). So he wouldt do to many jobs in the same city. Still he had a steady job a few times, working for a company, but we still keept on moving.

As i grew older and started to get tired of changing school once a year or twice a year. I wanted to atleast settle down in one city. I had been living with my mother in the same place for four years, in these four years my parents finally divorced after me as a 12 years old boy sat down and talked with my mother about things not working out, they only stayed together because of me so i didnt think it was right for either of us. Growing up with loud arguing, a father who drinks every night and hearing your mother cry everythime they argue is not a good childhood. The last two years living here i wanted to move back to where my friend lived. I think my mother got tired of seeing me crying everyday and finally let me move in with my sister.

I finally was in the city i wanted to live in. I started school and meat up with alot of old friends.
I realy felt like home here. My sister let me easy off if i did something wrong, she didnt take to much responsibility and let me do as i pleased. I started skipping school alot because of this. My sister was ok with it and i even had her to hang out with when i was skipping school. This one time i became realy sick, i couldnt do anything for a week, so my mother came over to visit. After i got better, i fealt like beeing home an extra day from school just to get some rest. And since my mother had heard about me skipping school alot she wouldnt let this pass. She instantly told me to pack my thing, as i was moving back with her again.

I lived with my mother for about a week, after realising she wouldnt let me move back to my sister and neither would my mother move back with me. She treated me as a prisoner, and she didnt want to listen to me when i tried to explain to her why i wanted to move back.
One day i packed down some clothes my cellphone charger and all the money i had, which wasnt alot only enough for a bus ticket and food for a day. I hid this bag under my bed, and waited for an opportunity to get away. One say my mother was going to the store for shopping groceries, i waited a few minutes so i was sure she wouldnt see me, as i started walking towards the bus spot. I walked an extra 3km so i was sure she wouldnt see me at the bus spot about 1km from our house. After an hour my mother called me on my cellphone, i picked up and said i went to the city with some friends from school. 8 hours lated when i didnt come home she knew i wouldnt come home.

When i was on the bus i called my father and asked if he could help me, he couldnt believe that i ran away and said he would come up with something. He told me he would move to my city and i could live with him. In the mean time i ended up living with a friend of his, this guy had no responsibility and was only thinking that i would mess up his things. He told my father after a few days that he couldnt have me there. So i ended up living with this one mutual friend of my father and his friend. My father was only working for him by building his house, so i wouldnt say he knew this man werry well.
This guy was an artist, he was into BDSM, and especially pictures of this. Thats what kinda artist he was like. I got my own room and an order to stay way from "his room", he didnt want a 15 year old kid looking at his pictures and stuff..

Well, two weeks later i moved in with my father who nagged all day and especially at night when he started drinking about how big a pain i was for him. Having him to move here only because im so selfish. I had been living with him for a year, when we started to fight, all the time. He was this kind that was newer wrong, he newer listned to anyone if he thought he was right, and this escalated when he got a beer or two. The fighting to so bad in the end i coulndt take it anymore. I was newer home, only to sleep. Only staying out all day lead quickly to ending up in the wrong enviroment, and heanging out with the wrong kind of people. After getting enough of this one guy i cut off all contact i had with these guys, but this one guy got realy insulted which ended up in alot of fighting, and me getting stabbed in the end. The arguing ang fighting with my father escalated even more and one evening he told me, im a disgrace of a son and if i dont folow his rules i can move out, even tho i know he didnt litterally mean it. I had grew tired of my living situation and in under an hour my room was empty, i called my sister and had her boyfriend pick me up. I got to live with my sister again and it was even fine by my mother this time.

I lived with my sister for about a year when my mother decided to move back to this city, so i moved in with my mother again.

I learned alot from my life, and in the end i only wish for one thing.
I dont want my children to have the same childhood as i had.

Through my life i have experienced things that changed me as a person, i never had that safe feeling as a child. I knew i would constantly be moving and never settle down one place. In the end i tried my all to stay in the same place.
After moving alot and changing school so often im not good at keeping in touch with old friends, im not the most social guy in a new group of people. But i dont have any problems getting to know people, just only to a certain limit.

Im sorry if its alot of typo's, but as i said in the beginning english is not my first language.
Thank you for reading.
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Oct 16, 2012