Change Is Good

We moved at least once a year.  One summer we moved four times.  I would always try to get a time frame of how long we would be somewhere before I unpacked.  In order to feel more normal I would put my room back in the exact same layout.  It made me feel like at least my environment never changed.  I changed schools every year except maybe kindergarten and 1st.  Went to three different high schools in three different cities.  I don't see the moving as a bad thing.  I believe it is one of the major reasons that I handle change the way that I do, which is that I crave it.

Krypton Krypton
31-35, F
1 Response Dec 1, 2008

And here I move my furniture around all the time because having it in the same spot starts to feel weird after a bit and bothers me if I don't rearrange it - It drives my husband crazy but he finally realized its just part of my nature - I bought my house 4 yrs ago and it's now officially the longest I have ever been in one place