Moving Around: The Good And The Bad.

21 Years, 2 Countries, 6 Cities, Moved 8 times.

(P.S: I will give out a condensed history of me, will briefly write of moving 4 times)

The first time I moved to Dubai from Delhi, I remember being excited a lot. I was moving to a whole new country at a very young age. A new school and new friends to look forward to.

When i finally got there, I found out that it was not that good. I had to learn a new language and being the 'new boy' is definitely not a walk in the park. But i got the most diverse and amazing friends. Two from Syria, one from France, one from Pakistan and one from the city itself. We all lived on the same floor and played soccer every evening and fought over the smallest of things and we pooled the money we got every time to buy a better foot-ball or a new PlayStation release. And than we fought over PlayStation controllers but we always teamed up in times of trouble(Never more than an occupied field though). Spent countless hours watching cartoons together and getting thrown out of the house by a friends' mother. Everyone should have these kind of friends once in a life.

Three years later, I moved to a different part of the city, met my gang on the weekends and eventually drifted apart. First Blow. Did eventually make friends but i was always a 'tag-along' to them, they were all my classmates.

Moved 3 years later when i was 14, back to India to a tiny city where my grandparents lived. Before i moved here, i always believed that those guys who divided world into thirds were bad guys. I found out that they were correct and i was harboring illusions.

Coming from a place with all possible luxuries to a city where a great percentage of the people are below poverty line, a city of 3 day a week power cut, a city where water came 12 out of 24 hours a day, a city of corrupt systems  ,a city where you are looked down upon if you are just a wee bit better.  Joined a local school, thought that I would fit in back here, this was my country. Nonetheless, I was the 'new boy' again, with a weird accent, who played games different than theirs. So these 4 years here were the hardest, being ripped on non-stop. Grandfather got Parkinsons and passed away. And my Labrador, 'Dennis', the dog that was just like a brother died too. Dad quit his job and started his own small company. There it was, a death in the family and financial hardship. Had my first crush, told the girl too and was blown away in full public view after a week or two. And than there were secondary school exams. Blows number two, three, four, five and six.

Lost the the previous ability to make friends in 5 mins, lost faith in people, turned anti-social and drew inwards to a world within. Turned to books, read literature and poetry a lot. Read my mother's thesis on Keats' poetry. Read my dad's thesis on International marketing. Started playing chess, started spending hours at the rifle academy. Won the state level chess and district level shooting gold.

Having survived all this I think I can brave almost anything.

Anyways, moved yet again for college after my Secondary school exams to Bangalore. Being used to living on my own, this place was total reversal. People from all over moving out of their homes for the first time and here i was, a guy who was moving the 8th' time. Lost my strut and became independent and free like no one else .No one dared to rip on me now, i could tear anyone apart. Felt the power within. 

Got fixated to gaming and became a pro-gamer for a year. Earned enough money for a really good bike (Yamaha R-6). By the time i came to my final year, I had a gorgeous bike and was taking part in races. Fell in love with sky-diving after my first jump, working on a pro-certification (the army teaches the soilders same stuff) right now. Dad opened an office in the city too, have been assisting the general manager. Just like everyone else, liked a chick who belonged to someone else. Even though a few chicks thought i was cute and funny, i kinda liked only that one. Made friends too but now i keep my distances, they are all great guys and girls but i am just not that attached. Got my degree and that girl moved to some place for her masters. No more blows, i was prepared this time.

And now, 4 years are almost over in this city and i will be moving to a place near Amsterdam for my Masters. Moving the 9'th time this September. 

So there is my story and there is me. An introverted guy, funny and sarcastic, loves danger and adventure, drives his bike fast and jumps out of planes, can quote from Shakespeare and Keats, can give you hell in chess and soccer,is intense and does thing to the utter finality , yet so socially inept and hidden from people and even friends.

Knowing so many different traditions and places is good but not being able to relate to people is bad. Learning to keep distances from people is good but missing that feeling of being cared for is bad. Helping run a business at 21 is definitely good.

I guess I've been blessed and cursed in equal degrees. 

The thing i miss most is a good relationship, but i guess that as the best things have come my way, i will get a girl way up above the average sometime soon, atleast i know what i want. Yet somehow there is this nameless empty void i don't know how to fix.

[And also, the people reading this know me better than people in real life.]

(P.S: not so condense? I'm sorry, the words just came pouring out.)

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I'm 14 and I already moved 11 times! :S

Lol I used to live in Dubai too :) <br />
yes its a nice place but you just can't stay there. well i wish you all the best in life.