As a kid i can recall moving a good number of times. About 20 times in 18 years. Being young I loved moving around and meeting new people. This never bothered me being young. As soon as I was in Middle school I started to see that I was not always welcome ever where I went. This was new to me and I did not quiet realize that it would be so much harder to move from place to place and being in new schools all the time. I can remember coming home and just crying my eyes out over wanting to stay in one place and people being mean to me. I started to hate my life at that point. I felt like I was trapped in this world of hurt and crazy emotions. At one point I felt so bad that the thought of going to school made me want to throw up. My mother felt sorry and I knew that if we wanted a house to live in that moving was our only option. Now that I am older and more adjusted. I still have moved quiet a lot during my adult years. 

Bbyg978 Bbyg978
13-15, F
Feb 10, 2010