From Pa to Ca

Once you come to the bay area, you may never want to leave.

When I was younger, I used to joke that California was the "land of fruits and nuts." Pretty arrogant for someone who had never even visited. So when I came out here in 1999 for a conference, it was a complete shock to my system.

It's hard to describe the feeling that comes over you when you find someplace that really makes sense to you. Some place where you really belong. I had always had this knot of anger in me, but I never associated it with where I lived. But coming out here, that knot is slowly being replaced by a calmness. It could be age. But I think it's the environment.
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Completely agreed on environment. When you are living in a place that isn't for you and you know it isn't, it makes you feel awful. Sometimes you don't even realize it is that until you move away from it or to somewhere where you don't feel as if you are swimming so hard against the current and you realize how wrong where you were was for you. The knot being replaced by calmness is an excellent desc<x>ription.<br />
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OP posted in '06.. hope Cali living is still going well for you. :)

peace :)