Damndest Thing I Ever Saw

I am working at a job site here in Nevada and it is in a somewhat remote location.Though we are not far off the interstate highway we are in the middle of a 300,000 acre cattle ranch.One morning we received a truck load of material and in looking over the paperwork I realized the material went to a remote corner of the job.Not wanting to send one of my people who were unfamiliar with the area I decided to escort the truck myself.I told the truck driver to follow me and to watch the speed limit as we had very strict rules on how fast we were allowed to drive.We took a dirt road away from the  constuction area and headed out towards the foothills.As we rounded a bend in the road we were suddenly surrounded by a herd of cattle.They were being driven down from the foothills for winter grazing on the desert floor.It was like we were transported 150 years back in time.A cowboy rode up on his horse and whooped and hollered at the cattle and got them moving,clearing a way for us.It was very strange,we were driving modern vehicles and were in the desert where no sign of civilization could be seen in the middle of a cattle drive.Chalk up one more experience.  
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1 Response Oct 24, 2006

I lived on a 500 acre farm as a teen. Far cry from my 1 plot lot in my small town! Anyways... One day I went out to the cow field to fly a kite. I became a magnet of attraction to about 40 head of angry hefers! They grouped and charged at me! Fortunately, I was near one of the 2 old barns setting there, and it was old- time built- structured on small standing stilts so to speak. I crawled UNDER it since the doorway was inaccessable at the time. Longest darn 45 minutes of my life!!!